Kraftwerk's first computer

There is an interesting segment about Kraftwerk getting their first ever PC in 1981, in this new interview with Ralf Hütter.

Then we composed the concept of [the album] Computer World coming out in 81 and we didn't even have computers at that time. So that was more like a visionary album. We only got that technology, a small PC, around the tour of that album and we used one on stage just writing letters. Just typing them in, not even in synch or anything. Just live, and a guy putting that on screen.

The above image is from a concert at Captain Vidéo in Paris, France, July 7th 1981. Could the text on those screens have been typed "live"?


Lena Philipsson's Kraftwerk socks

Last week, rather surprisingly, singer Lena Philipsson were handed a pair of hand made Kraftwerk socks on Swedish TV show "Videokväll med Luuk".

The show streams from here (first link under the "Play" logo on the right). Socks are exchanged 27 minutes in. Enjoy.


Florian still missing

This was filmed in Dublin yesterday. Again, there is no sign of Florian Schneider.

Kraftwerk on tour - without Florian


Wolfgang Flür + Dyko

It's a pleasure seeing Wolfgang Flür on the electronic drums, in the white gloves. He is seen here performing with Dyko, at the Roland Electro Pop Night in Offenbach March 13th this year.

But aside from the pleasure of seeing him play - there are definitely better versions of "Autobahn" out there.

Wolfgang Flür, Michel Geiss on Perry Rhodan
It's the Yamo "Time Pie" EPK!
From Südenfed to Mouse on Mars to Yamo and Flür