Ralf & Florian - together again?

Swedish tabloid Expressen reported just a little while ago that Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider had been spotted earlier in the day, walking together in Düsseldorf.

But it turns out they are mistaken. The well groomed man is in fact not Ralf Hütter but Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom™, Atom Heart, Lassigue Bendthaus, Senor Coconut). And this is possibly even more exciting. What are these two up to?


Do yourself a favor and check out Craftwife, a project fronted by Takeko Akamatsu, the wife of Masayuki Akamatsu who developed Karl Bartos' iPhone app that we've previously mentioned here.

Craftwife - apparently a group of housewifes - perform using iPhone apps of their own making (developed by housewifes, for housewifes), all dressed up in the most typical of Kraftwerk attire - red shirt, black tie.

More info: craftwife.com, an interview at side-line.com and another one at gaite-lyrique.net.