By pressing down a special key ...

According to persistent rumors, klingklang.com and the EMI site, it seems that Krafterk's most elaborate package ever will be released within a few weeks. It's the Minimum-Maximum box set, containing a double dvd, a double cd and an 88 page book, all packed in a box resembling a laptop computer. "Notebook" is the name of the beast.

While looking at the preview pictures, i noted that the keyboard on this cardboard laptop is equipped with an extra key, just left of the space key, with an eight note on it. One might guess that this is the modern version of that "special key" you press down to "create a little melody", according to the "Pocket Calculator" lyrics.

You might also ask yourself if the "qwertz" keyboard on the picture belongs to the german edition only, and if the english language edition will be equipped with a "qwerty" keyboard instead. But on the other hand, maybe you shouldn't.



The video "Building/sines" depicts the premiere performance of Joan Chia's interpretation of the Kraftwerk song “The Model”, played on the church bells of the National Carillon in Canberra. It is briliant, in part because of the beautiful wind and birds sounds outside the church. All music should be played on huge instruments.

See for yourself here.