Between the sheets with Kraftwerk

There are many weird Kraftwerk-related records out there. Classical, metal, hiphop, U2... But this, a Kraftwerk tribute medley 7" "Late Night Radio" by a band called Late Night Radio, must be one of the weirder ones.

The copy I have was released by Beat Box in 1984. This label, as far as I understand and/or remember, was somewhat related to the Vinyl Mania record store in Stockholm, Sweden. Beat Box released italo disco (artists like Koto, Scotch and Den Harrow), typically on 7" or 12" vinyl, and predominantly songs that was already released by other labels. But Beat Box added their own remixes, making the records unique anyway. Almost all of their remixes were called "Swedish Remix" and were created by someone called Fredrik Ramel.

And then there's this. A strange italo disco medley of Kraftwerk covers, completely surrounded at all ends by Vangelis "Chariots of fire" (which is also a cover, in italo disco style). According to the label, the producers of the record are Svengile and Puzzle. I don't have much information on any of them, but they appear to be Italian, and Puzzle's given name might be Silvio Puzzolu. The two of them also produced the LP "Night Heroes", also released in 1983, which contains a medley of tracks by Giorgio Moroder, Japan and Sparks.

The Kraftwerk medley was also released in an extended 12" version.


Anonymous said...

Might be Silver/Silvio Pozzoli, active mostly between 1985-1989. Had a pretty big hit with Around My Dream.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Silvio Puzzolu, producer and musician, with Svengile(Luigi Venegoni, great guitar player and producer)of that project.
Now I am in south Africa, still producing and playing.
If you want to take a look : http://www.reverbnation.com/silviopuzzolu