Kraftwerk: Aerodynamik + La Forme Remixes (by Hot Chip, that is)

The new Kraftwerk single is out now. This is what it looks like, at least if you get the cd version.

As I am sure you know, Hot Chip has split itself into two pairs to make the remixes. Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard did Aerodynamik (Intelligent Design Mix), while Al Doyle and Felix Martin did La Forme (King of the Mountains Mix).

The truth is, La Forme is not quite perfect. There could be an idea or two missing, leaving the remix not quite a complete song. The Aerodynamik remix, on the other hand, could most likely get a dancefloor or two moving.


Anonymous said...

Although the remixes are quite good, i rather would like to hear new material. Maybe we will have to wait another 14 years?

Texas Instruments said...

We might have to. But by then, Ralf Hütter will be 75... But I hear they are about to move the Kling Klang studio to a new location, maybe that will give a boost to their creativity.

Anonymous said...

TI Where did you hear that?