Audio Objekt - the interview

Yesterday, an "interview" with Audio Objekt (see my last post) appeared on YouTube. It's all in Swedish, but the interviewer has a German accent...

See below for my (very rough) translation.


Q: Why are you called Audio Objekt?

A: We are objects and we deal with sounds.

A2: That's right.

Q: Can't you write your own songs?

A: We can write our own songs, we have written one called Artificial Personality. Apart from that we like covers.

A2: That's right.

Q: Why do you like Kraftwerk so much?

A: Because it's better if you can say something with three notes instead of a thousand.

A2: That's right.

Q: Is it true that you have collaborated with Ralf Hütter from Kraftwerk?

A: A long time ago, a few years ago, he visited us here in our studio in Lund. He was a very likeable person. We felt that we thought and felt... [unintelligable] Ralf Hütter, a great man. But he didn't like the food at Hotel Lundia, and eventually that became a problem.

A2. That's right.

Q. Is it correct that you auditioned when Kraftwerk were looking for new members?

A. We were bicycling through the Ruhr area when we saw an ad in the Düsseldorfer Allgemenie newspaper about an audition. We went there, we bring our synthesizers everywhere so we bought them along. We auditioned, Ralf invited us in but it didnt work out. I don't know why, I think Florian didn't really like us. So we didn't join the band. But at least we've been to the Kling Klang studio. If that was where we were. Was it?

Q. Is it true that you met Kraftwerk during a cycling competition in Bavaria?

A. Yes, that was at the "Bayern runt" competition. It turned out, Ralf is a real mountain goat, but not quite as good at the time trial segments. And Florian proved to do best going downhill.

Q. Your music is socially critical. Are you like anarchists or something?

A. We haven't decided yet... There's a strong tradition in Lund of syndicalism and pragmatism. We haven't yet decided, we're sort of in between. We're mostly into cyclism, escapism.

Q. Is it true that you are also "Tyskarna från Lund"?

A. At least, we do come from Lund. And my grandfather's father was german. Or, he spent a lot of time in Germany. Or if it was Denmark. At least, we come from Lund. We come from Lund.

Q. Why this fascination with Germany?

A. At least, we do come from Lund.

Q. Is it true that one of you plays synthersizers in bob hund?

A. We can neither confirm or deny that. Or confirm.

Q. Why are you wearing glasses? Do you have the same refractive error?

A. We're both astigmatic, -3 on the right eye and -2 on the left one.

A2. -2,5 on the left eye.

A. Is that change recent?

Q. How do you work in the studio? Do you have a lot of cool, old synthesizers?

A: Our studio is a mixture between analogue and digital, between dark and bright sounds, between electronic and acoustic. Between man and machine, one might say.

A2: That's right.

Q. Are you going to release more records? Maybe an album?

A. We release records continuously. We release several records every year, and we are going to continue doing so.

A2. That's right.

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