Audio Objekt - Kraftwerk in swedish

Audio Objekt is a Swedish duo, with a fake biography reminiscent of a certain band from Düsseldorf. The members, Objekt 1 and Objekt 2, for instance released the album "Objekt1 und Objekt 2" in the beginning of their career - after 2 experimental albums.

Audio Objekt really is a duo, with members Håkan Lidbo and Patrik Persson. Lidbo is the most well known of the two, having released close to 200 records in every conceivable electronic genre during the last 15 years or so, from glitch minimalism to straight pop dance songs.

This video is their version of Kraftwerks "Computer World", which translated in to Swedish and into the 21st century has become "Vår nya värld".

Audio Objekt has also covered Kraftwerk's "The Model", renaming it "Modellen". Also in Swedish. "Modellen" is available in mp3 format here.

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fluoMod said...

Good cover version