Control - the Ian Curtis movie. With Autobahn.

I went to see Control, Anton Corbijn's black and white debut movie that tells the story of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, at the extremely comfortable Electric cinema in London the other day. Ever since it was anounced some months ago that Kraftwerk's Autobahn was included on the movie soundtrack CD, the movie has been the subject of some discussion amongst the online Kraftwerk fans.

After having seen the movie, I can tell you this:
  1. The song is used in a short sequence, by the water.
  2. They are not playing the most typical (recognizable) part of the song, i.e. if you are not looking for it you might miss it.
  3. The version of Autobahn on the CD is 11 minutes and 23 seconds long. A version of that length has never before been released, as far as I am aware. It appears someone has basically cut a section or two in the middle of the song to make it fit on the soundtrack CD. The 22 minutes of the original is a bit much, maybe. But the sound is better than on the officially released Autobahn CDs, which is nice.

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