Fatboy Slim (yes)

I didn't expect it to happen, ever, but a few days ago it did. I bought a Fatboy Slim record. But there's a decent reason - as it's a 7" and it contains the fatboy's cover of Kraftwerk's Radioactivity.

The song is allright I guess. Fatboy Slim bring some "1960s pop" type drums into the mix. This will be noted as his unique input into the Kraftwerk universe. The vocals are sung by a female vocalist called Myriam Tisler (this could be her). In fact, ths song has a friendly feel to it, like a motown version of the big beat sound.

The b side of the 7" is noteworthy as well, as it features Bootsy Collins (!) reading a poem. The words are written by Fatboy Slim's ex bandmate, from The Housemartins, Paul Heaton, who in later years has been known as the leader of The Beautiful South.

All in all, this is one strange record.

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