Autobahn - the animated short film

in 1979, british animator Roger Mainwood did an amazing animated film around Kraftwerk's "Autobahn", while working at the Halas and Batchelor studios. This short film was Mainwood's first assignment for the company.

The Halas and Batchelor Colllection website describes the clip this way:

A visual interprtation of Kraftwerk’s music Autobahn. A fast paced experimental film which proved to be a ground breaking combination of electronic and manual animation. It has now become an icon of late seventies design and music. One of the first films produced specifically for video disk.
The clip has recently been restored, and is now available via YouTube:

There is also a short documentary/behind the scenes type clip about the making of the Autobahn animations available. See it here.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Both clips have been taken down from YouTube, but the films themselves can be purchased from an American film distributor Phoenix Learning Group.