Kraftwerk + Atom (and some audio science)

While going through my emails this morning, these two stood out. Even though the first one is most likely complete bullshit.


There is a rumour abroad that Uwe Schmidt (aka Lassigue Bendthaus, Señor Coconut, etc.) has asked Kraftwerk to remix the forthcoming Atom Heart album.


Hear Voices? It May Be an Ad

New Yorker Alison Wilson was walking down Prince Street in SoHo last week when she heard a woman's voice right in her ear asking, "Who's there? Who's there?" She looked around to find no one in her immediate surroundings. Then the voice said, "It's not your imagination."

Indeed it isn't. It's an ad for "Paranormal State," a ghost-themed series premiering on A&E this week. The billboard uses technology manufactured by Holosonic that transmits an "audio spotlight" from a rooftop speaker so that the sound is contained within your cranium. The technology, ideal for museums and libraries or environments that require a quiet atmosphere for isolated audio slideshows, has rarely been used on such a scale before.

For random passersby and residents who have to walk unwittingly through the area where the voice will penetrate their inner peace, it's another story.

The article.

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