Sputnik Roadhouse

While we are waiting for Florian Schneider to reappear in Kraftwerk, this is what we should be looking at.

It's a clip from the movie Klassentreffen - Mordfall unter Freunden from 2001. The band appearing on stage is Sputnik Roadhouse, in this movie referred to as The Wondering Stars.

You can see "Fredi Schnitzel", also known as Florian Schneider, on the left. He's wearing a wig, playing the double bass (i guess). On stage with him are Marian Gold (vocals), Klaus Schulze, Toni Nissl and F.J. Krüger, who passed away last year.

There used to be a Sputnik Roadhouse website, but nowadays it just redirects you to the official Alphaville site.

Florian "Don" Schneider

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