Reformat the Planet

If you got bitten by the 8-bit bug when the Kraftwerk 8-bit cover collection "8-bit Operators" was released last year (I wasn't, particularly), you might be interested in the "Reformat the Planet" documentary, currently streaming at Pitchfork.tv.

The blurb:

Reformat the Planet: Chapter 01
It started with sequencing 8-bit chipsets on Nintendo Game Boys, but the Chiptune scene has now expanded well beyond game systems. Directed by Paul Owens, Reformat the Planet is the essential introduction to this awesome new genre, and proves it's more than just a blip. [Courtesy of 2 Player Productions]

It's there for one week only, apparently.

Oh, and in case you missed it - Beck did some kind of 8-bit tribute a while ago.

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Per Jacobsson said...

Glom nu inte 8-Bit (http://www.ninjastarrecords.com). Highland Park!