"one of four MIDI Robovoxes in the world - previously owned by Kraftwerk. Designed by Florian Schneider, Gert Ott and Gert Jalass, this custom speech synthesizer was used by Kraftwerk live for songs such as "Radioactivity". It had limited controls, and was originally used in conjunction with custom software written for the Atari 1040ST."

To read, hear and see more, head on over to Matrixsynth (where I stole this).

Kraftwerk's future live setup
The Stylophone


Anonymous said...

Video no longer available...

0100000 said...

Yep, sorry... Let me know if you find it elewhere and I'll update the links.

Julius said...

dear 0100000, please remove that post. this info was never meant to become public and florian would highly appreciate if you take it down. thanks!