Clock DVA - losing it

I've been looking forward with anticipation towards the Clock DVA cd box, that will be, it has been said, released on Mute soonish. But now I don't know...

The below message is probably the most misdirected, misinformed and possibly paranoid MySpace-message i have ever received. It is also an even more obvious misinterpretation of the current global communication community, and the groups own status and possible benefits, than Kraftwerk's attempts to keep things "under control" in later years.

As if it would really matter or "mean something" to be somebodys friend on MySpace. Please...


We check all new friends requests before accepting to see if you have the FAKE- Fan profile (described below) or any of these EX-members profiles in your friends also…..

Nohno/ Kibuka (Dean Dennis)

If you have any of these above profiles we are sorry but we cannot accept/keep you as a friend, and if these profiles approach you after we have accepted you and you then accept them it is your choice but we will have to delete our official profiles if we find them within your friends, oil and water do not mix.

You may feel that this is a strong response but we ask you to trust and respect that our decision is based on past and present acts still being perpetrated against (DVA/TAGC) and so therefore any “friendships” with these individuals cannot co-exist on principle with a friendship with our Official profiles.


We must inform you that the DVA fan? Profile that you have within your friends has NO honest connection to DVA, it is merely a deceptive, exploitative profile run by EX– members who have NO continuing connection with DVA or I since 1994.This fan profile! has been constructed only to draw in unsuspecting DVA fans so that these EX-members can promote and sell there own products /projects under the exploitation of my group name and fabricate their own input/histories within DVA - NOT to maintain the true artistic integrity and history of Clock DVA.

No attempt by these EX –members has ever been made over the years to contact or inform me the originator and director of DVA in the running of this profile even though these individuals have had a direct telephone number to my home but continued to promote the deception to friends/fans/any inquiries that they did not know my whereabouts.

I originally tried to contact each friend on this profile to direct them to the official profiles, finding this out these EX-members closed the fan profile to private to deliberately prevent me access to my own fan base!!, their actions again expose the underhand and exploitative nature of these individuals.

By having the fan profile as a top/friend you are unknowingly? aiding the exploitation and abuse of Clock DVA and we are reticent to accept/keep friends who after having been informed of this abuse still continue to have this fake fan profile as a friend.

We await your response, please with a message back on your decision.
Jane/ Adi Newton – Founder/Creative director ClockDVA/TAGC 1978-onwards.

And it was sent on christmas eve, even... Go ponder.

I'm sorry for the exuberant use of quotation marks in this text. I think it was necessary.

Clock DVA returns!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there seems to be some bad blood between Adi Newton and some of the ex-members of Clock DVA and T.A.G.C. such as Paul Browse, Dean Dennis, Robert Baker and Andrew McKenzie aka Hafler Trio.

Adi Newton claims that the others are using their past association with DVA and T.A.G.C. to promote their new projects. He also claims they are overstating their artistic contributions.

The ex-members claim they were not fairly paid or credited for their contributions to Clock DVA and T.A.G.C. They feel that Adi is trying to claim sole credit for releases that were actually collaborations.

Personally I think each Clock DVA and T.A.G.C. release is the result of joint effort between all the members who worked on each release. Adi Newton is definately the director and 'guides' the music, but the others definately made significant contributions. Without them all I think it would have been impossible to realize the projects in the same way.

I've heard all the members solo efforts and while interesting they lack depth and complexity compared to the work they did together in DVA and T.A.G.C.

Actually T.A.G.C.'s "Iso-Erotic Calibrations" is an Adi Newton solo release: the main DVA atmosphere is there but it lacks all the rythmic patterns and complex effects that the other members added.

Browse's, Baker's and Dennis's solo releases (e.g. Sysytem 01, Visions Of Excess, Shadowranglers, Sector, Nohno) have lots of interesting beats and effects but lack the 'vision' and intensity that Adi creates.

They all really complemented each other well though they don't seem to want to admit it.

I really hope the box set gets released soon. I'm worried that all these arguments between the members will prevent it from being released.

I also hope Adi creates some new music too! I'd also love to hear the other members new projects! I think all the various members including Adi have a lot of talent and interesting ideas. It's a pity things are so bad between them all.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that Adi Newton seems intent on perpetuating this bad blood.
Maybe the boxed set will never be released.

I was not aware that the " FALSE FAN DVA PROFILE" was run by ex members
Any contact I had with the " FALSE FAN DVA PROFILE" was via an American fan.

IMO the only abuses of Clock DVA that I am aware of are the paranoid messages & blogs posted by Adi Newton or Jane Newton.

Anonymous said...

It's not fair to blame all the problems on Adi Newton. Those ex-members have done some pretty underhand things behind the scenes. They've spread false information to the media and posted disparaging comments on public forums in deliberate attempts to damage Adi Newton's career.

Adi Newton is not being paranoid, those ex-members are deliberately trying to sabotage things. This is very obvious to anyone who has closely followed internet and music magazine information about the band.

I'm not saying that Adi Newton is the 'good' guy and that all the ex-members are the 'bad' guys. It's just not such a clear-cut situation.

I think Adi Newton is just tired of this situation and that's why he has posted those statements on his myspace. He prefers to state things directly while the ex-members prefer to avoid direct statements and use more indirect methods to criticise Adi Newton. I guess each side just has different ways of expressing their frustration and anger.

I'm looking forward to the re-releases and I wish both Adi Newton and all the various ex-members best of luck for the future. I will buy anything that Adi Newton, Dean Dennis, Paul Browse and Robert Baker release - they are all talented individuals.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for hijacking this blog but I want to comment in response to the previous comment.

"Those ex-members have done some pretty underhand things behind the scenes. They've spread false information to the media and posted disparaging comments on public forums in deliberate attempts to damage Adi Newton's career."

Rather than making vague statements or allegations it would be better in the interests of fairness & accuracy to back up any statement with evidence.

What were these underhand things that “these ex members" have done behind the scenes?

Which ex members have done these things?
Were they the only individuals involved in Clock DVA to have done underhand things behind the scenes?

Also something to consider when stating that individuals have done “underhand” things is to consider the context of the action.
For example does the underhand release of Buried Dreams (Paul Browse / Dean Dennis) predate the underhand release of the Collective Box set (Adi Newton)?
Collective Box set 1994.
Buried Dreams (Next Era re release) 1998.

Did any ex member (as listed in Adi’s myspace message) do any “underhand thing” prior to 1994?

Perhaps you should actually list each ex member and which “pretty underhand thing” they have done. In that way the individual ex member would have some recourse to respond.

What “false information” has been spread to the media?
By who?
Some quotes would be helpful. Then perhaps those involved or those who have direct experience or memories of events could state whether in their opinion it was false or not.

What exactly are these disparaging comments that have been posted by ex members?
Where are they? Url's please.
How do you know these were posted by ex members?
Which ex members posted them?

Do these disparaging comments predate the disparaging comments left on youtube and elsewhere by Adi Newton/ Jane Newton?

Do these disparaging comments predate the blogs & profile info posted on the Official Clock DVA my space profile” i.e. July 2008?

“Adi Newton is not being paranoid, those ex-members are deliberately trying to sabotage things. This is very obvious to anyone who has closely followed internet and music magazine information about the band.”

Again facts & evidence please.
Who did what & when?
Can you provide any Urls and quotes to back this up?

In your opinion what exactly are they trying to sabotage?

What do you consider would be the benefit for ex members to “sabotage things”?

”I think Adi Newton is just tired of this situation and that's why he has posted those statements on his myspace. He prefers to state things directly while the ex-members prefer to avoid direct statements and use more indirect methods to criticise Adi Newton. “

I cannot see any evidence that Adi prefers to “state things directly”
Generally accusations are vague with no specific action detailed, no evidence provided to support the accusation and put in such a way that no specific individual is mentioned except in the TAGC myspace blog.

This would make it quite difficult for any ex member or individual to make a direct response -if they felt it would be a suitable use of time.

The message to myspace members to delete ex members profiles from their friends list is indeed a direct method of communication. But the content is basically a number of accusations that are again vague & non specific, combined with a number of assumptions that are unrealistic under the circumstances.e.g expecting that ex members would keep his contact details for 14 years and should keep him informed of all internet content pertaining to Clock DVA.

Anonymous said...

In response to the previous post:

Regarding 'ex-members' making disparaging comments about Adi Newton and Clock DVA / T.A.G.C.:

There was a article in a Future Music magazine section 'Where are they now?' about Clock DVA featuring negative comments by ex-members (I don't know which ones). The following month Adi Newton wrote a letter to the magazine which was published by the editor in response to the original article by the ex-member(s), refuting certain claims the ex-member(s) had made.

Youtube Clock DVA videos have quite a few disparaging comments from Robert Baker and Andrew McKenzie and vice-versa Adi/Jane Newton have posted some disparaging posts about the ex-members.

There was an Andrew McKenzie interview where he made some disparaging comments about Adi Newton. Here's a quote from the interview "I basically changed Clock DVA's daipers for them on tour, and the tour stories could fill ANOTHER book. I did some recording and remixing for Adi. Just a natural outgrowth. He gradually lost people who would work with him, generally due to financial problems, let's say. I eventaully became part of the live group for the last ever tour.
After that, Adi basically disappeared. Adi appears to have had some mental breakdown, and then announced recently a comeback and re-releases. But the other previous members have put a stop to that, I understand." So according to McKenzie the previous members prevented the re-releases. That is sabotage. Why? Interview link: www.brainwashed.com/h3o/interviews/hafler02.html

So you are saying the "Collective" Box Set is unauthorized? I have that set and the credits are complete with Baker, Browse, Dennis and Newton all credited in the packaging. So what was the problem, lack of payment from Newton to the other members? Did Newton release it without permission from the other members?

So you are saying that the Nextera release of "Buried Dreams" was Browse and Dennis's response to the release of "Collective"?

Is the title of the T.A.G.C. release "Psychoegoautocratical Auditory Physiogomy Delineated" a slight at Newton, who didn't take part in it's recording?

Why did they work together for so long if they disliked each other so much? If the ex-members disliked Newton why did they take part in Clock DVA and T.A.G.C? And vice versa if Newton disliked the others why did he invite them to join Clock DVA and T.A.G.C.?

What happened in 1994?

What happened to Contempo?

Why is the back catalogue completely out of print despite obvious demand from the fanbase?

Anonymous said...

In response to the above

There is a danger in talking about ex members of Clock DVA as one entity.
From what you say your previous comment was referring to 2 ex members: Bob Baker & Andrew Mackenzie, however I had assumed that all ex members were acting as one many headed beast.

I could not locate the Future Sound article online so I cannot comment about this.
I did find The H30 interview. This is dated 1999. I had assumed you were talking about recent events. I agree that Andrew Mackenzie did make disparaging remarks about Adi, and also other members of the band. However I have come across interviews by Adi Newton that are not at all flattering about the ex members in particular Paul Browse. Sorry I cannot find any links to these.

Regarding the sabotage of Adi’s plans to release the back catalogue. I am not sure to which plans for the back catalogue Andrew was referring too. I do know that all members were signed up for the first attempt by Mute (around 2000) to release the back catalogue. However this fell apart when – as the Sheffield rumour machine has it- when Adi started to demand too much from Mute. Ex members were badly disappointed.
So in this case it would be true to say that Adi sabotaged himself and everyone else.

Incidentally the other members were only alerted about Mutes plans to release the back catalogue through the grapevine & by an announcement on Mutes website. When Mute were contacted they were totally unaware that there were others who needed to be involved. It would seem that Adi completely failed to mention that he was only a joint copyright holder. :( Mute then issued contracts to all former members, but sadly the release did not happen

Perhaps this is the release Mackenzie is referring to, since the tome would be about right. If so he was wrong to say the others put a stop to it. So this example of sabotage is not good one.

Yes the Collective Box sets were unauthorized. Adi arranged the release without permission of other contributors. He also failed to pay the others their share of the Advance & Royalties.
This is what happened in 1994.
Yes the release of Buried Dreams was in retaliation. However since Adi had a presence on the web via the sonicboom website he was able to announce his disgust about this un-authorized release. A bit hypocritical perhaps.

Adi has announced on one of his many myspace blogs that all members are involved in the proposed release of the back catalogue. (Again via Mute) So it does not seem as if there is any sabotage happening at all. But I would not be surprised if it all falls apart again. The message sent & then posted on this blog is not pleasant and makes me wonder who is trying to sabotage who.

Sorry I can’t answer your questions about "Psychoegoautocratical Auditory Physiogomy Delineated” or Contempo.

I don’t think they did dislike each other so much at the time they were working together. How could they have worked together so well if there was not some deep connection?

I think I have partially answered your question “Why is the back catalogue completely out of print despite obvious demand from the fanbase?”
There are plans to release the whole back catalogue on Mute (again).
Adi & Jane Newton have spent 2 years working on “NEW DESIGNS AND AUDIO RE MASTERING” and have announced it will be released early this year

Anonymous said...

In response to the above poster:

Thanks for your direct and informative post, it's cleared up some misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Apologies if my previous post seemed offensive or aggressive, it wasn't intended that way.

It's sad that things worked out the way they did. Hopefully payment will be handled fairly with the box set and re-issues.

Let's hope that everyone can leave the negativity behind and continue pushing on with new projects!


There are still many fans out there eager to hear new music from CLOCK DVA and all the ex-members related projects!

Anonymous said...

reply to above poster.

No worries. Thanks for reading.
Your original post didn’t seem offensive.

It’s all too easy to have misconceptions particularly since a couple of the above mentioned ex members mostly seem to remain publicly silent. Perhaps they don’t want to enter into an affray or prefer to focus on the present. Who knows.
Personally I think it would be better all round if all sides of the story were available.

Shame it seems there won’t be a reunion of the Buried Dreams line up.

Yes all good projects & I’m looking forward to new releases. Saving up for the boxed set. No doubt it will be expensive if previous Mute box sets are anything to go by.

Thanks to the DÜSSELDORF HBF blog for allowing this conversation.

Anonymous said...

I have some connections to the band
and just dropped by to reconfirm
the version of the story that was posted above. I heard the same things. So basically everyone is to blame.
As for the blogs/emails that Adi Newton is posting : I find them very shocking and really immature coming from a man who has made such an enormous contribution to modern electronic music. I am very disappointed in him

Mario said...

Dear Everyone

Please excuse my English. I am from Roma/Italy.

I also received the email of ADI NEWTON on my MYSPACE profile and I have been very disappointed; it is unbelievably childish ! ! !

When a couple get a divorce, can a father ask his children "if you see your mom again I will delete you from my life" ? No ! ! ! Only a silly, immature and jealous father would ask something like that. And so is ADI NEWTON today !

I do not understand why ADI NEWTON is taking this affair so seriously except I guess he his hiding something smelly (about in real involvement in DVA/TAGC) and wants to keep all money and glory of the mute boxset for himself !

He wrote JANE NEWTON was a longtime CLOCK DVA member and I think it is a lie. Actually I think he is weak and he is manipulated by this venimous woman. I readt some lines she wrote on YOUTUBE and it was delirious. Also she has evil eyes !

But I do not care. ADI NEWTON is a thing from the past now. I used to like some of his work, not anymore ! ! ! He killed his own legend with his behavior. Also I think what he is doing now is just so cheesy ! ! ! Just have a look at DVA OFFICIAL MYSPACE PROFILE, the design-works look like things made by a child learning to use photoshop. I am afraid the DVA new designed cover will look terrible ! ! !

At last but not least, please tell me, who remember CLOCK DVA today except a bunch of old hardcore fan?

Marie Taylor said...

A long time ago, we used to be friends. Jane Newton and I. We were both working in the underground sex industry. She introduced me to porn as she was a friend of Gabriel Pontello.
Unlike many porn actresses (and before she met Adi Newton in Italy) she was a sincere, smart and beautiful young woman. The best friend one could ever dream.
At several occasion she introduced me to her boyfriend, Newton (who had another girlfriend during that time) and to me he was a sick person. The rumours about him detented in a psychiatric hospital could be true afterall. (he made mention of that rumour on his blog)
So as I says after she met with Newton she started to practice black magic and to take a wide variety of drugs. I can see on her Myspace she is still into these horrible things. I really would like Jane to come back as before.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with you guys? The Only thing that matter is MUSIC. O Yea i think Adi is fucking crazy but it's simply because he is an eccentric artist, a real genius. HEI Dali was crazy too. And Oh boy Adi does really crazy shits: CLOCK DVA/TAGC. Cult. BURIED DREAM : inspired, avantgarde, masterpiece. Also please try new projects of Paul Browse and Dean Deniso, NOHNO, future sounds with good-old DVA energy. gotta love it guys. I think all of 'em are doing great shits. Respect.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find these?
Paul Browse & Dean Deniso.

Please I would like to hear.

Anonymous said...

Music by ex-Clock DVA members can be found here:





SOLEDAD said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys. Dean Deniso new original band is called NOHNO. I have got his CD "Metropolis" based on the Fritz Lang movie, pretty damn impressive shit man, but it ain't easy to find a copy of that stuff. PAUL BROWNS also makes pretty good shit. Deniso now is doing KIBUKKA? Sounds like NOHNO. Could never get enough of it. Yo that's that shit, I need that shit. SHADOWRANGLER I think thats a crappy band.



Sveltana said...

Found on KIBUKA myspace profile

"we will be releasing a CD of material from the KIBUKA project. Which will include remixe by Brian Lustmord"

WOW! This is for my deep black soul

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys. I forgot to mention: SECTOR. Another Deniso project. Gotta love it guys. Do ya know about his CD "macula orange juice" or something like that? Just some good electro dva shit. Play that vitamin music when you wake up and u'r gonna be iron like a lion in zion.



Anonymous said...

Adi seems be trying his best to write the ex members out of the history of Clock DVA, and spoil their reputations. The least we can try to do is get their names right.
Paul A. BROWSE – not “Brown”
Dean DENNIS not “Deniso”

I never knew that Adi released the Collective CD's without the permission of the other members. That's low. No wonder the ex members were pissed at him. From what Adi say's it's like he is the innocent victim of some plot. Seems he's not so innocent. Wonder what other skeletons are in the DVA cupboard :(

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Fuck me I didn't realize the name is DENIS not DENISO. Hey Dean my good buddy don't be furious if ya read this crap and please forgive me for my sin.
Hey SVELTANA pretty baby do you have a MSN contact? Let's chat a lil'bit. I live in a ranch here, in the mighty TEXAS, gonna love it.
Holy fucking shit: LUSTMORD + KIBUKKA, that shit is gonna be great guys. I am saving bucks to buy the CD now. Oh yeah Denis you're my man. I think LUSTMORD is not as good as before, naw he's more doing shits for Dumb Goth Kids yasee. But Im pretty sure he felt all the power of Dean DENIS fucking great stuff and created a fucking powerful track.



(first unsigned message "Whats wrong with you guys? The Only thing that matter is MUSIC..." was by me too)

Bill Binkelman said...

adi newton . . . .
adi newton . . . .

What do we actually know about him ? ? ? ? Do we know him ? ? ? ? He disappeared into the morning fog many years ago . . . . but why ? ? ? ? and now adi , the king , is back . . . . but why ? ? ? ? and why so much anger in his heart ? ? ? ? With Jane Newton at his side there should be no Place for Anger in his Heart, so why ? ? ? ?

He is a mystery
And the KEY could be Jane . . . .

What do we actually know about her ? ? ? ? Do we know her ? ? ? ?

madhatter said...

Cheers all, some interesting tidbits in these comments. I'm a long time DVA&TAGC fan, but not knowing any of the (ex) members personally I'm not sure what to make of all this. But I do know that many great artists in general can be total nutters and arseholes on a personal level. :)

Anyways I only wish they would direct their energy on creating new music instead of fighting about the past. Or maybe they do that too what do I know. Anyways I hope the DVA box set will happen, also a similar TAGC box set would be awesome and dare I say necessary! It's impossible to find these albums these days, unless for ridiculous prices on ebay as usual lol

Besides all that its nice to see Adi is alive and working I thought he vanished from the face of the earth some ten years ago!

no more fan said...

ADI NEWTON, that guy is such a shitfucker. I own all DVA albums in ORIGINAL CD or LP format. And I can't believe ADI and his fat and ugly bitch deleted me from the DVA Myspace profile just because I had PAUL.A.BROWSE is my toplist.
I will NEVER buy any new music by NEWTON.

Mr Coolbean said...

Hi Friends I cant find the Kibukka album you are all talking about. Not on amazon, not on cd baby. Do you know any good online store selling it?

long time fan said...

Coolbean - don't think it's been released yet, just got this info:
LATEST NEWS:" Dystopia": the debut release of KIBUKA is planned for release in February.

Featuring extraordinary extended dark & dubby remix by Lustmord.

Beautifully dark & menacing ambient remix by Spiralized & Paul A. Browse.
The first new Browse/ Dennis collaboration to be released in 20 years

SO it looks like your gonna have to wait.
Think it will be well worth it. Stuff on KIBUKA myspace
sounds cool.
Plus the remixes....

Anonymous said...

Paul A. Browse must have went to the same hairdresser as Lustmord.




Dingo said...

Didn't know about these new projects KIBUKA and NOHNO before reading this thread. But after listening to them on their respective MySpace pages, I must say I was hoping for something other than what I heard. To much trip-hop, no?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with triphop man if the music is good shit, and we all need that kind of shit man.

Hey that's NOT this KIBUKA here:



fook said...

I imagine Kibuka with the voice of Adi Newton; Dream Music

Nurse Ratched said...

But imagine the nightmare for Kibuka.

Wonder what the lyrics would be.....a rewrite of "The Act" named "Oil & Water"
"I know I'm gone
water water oil
oil water oil
Where do they mix ?
where do they mix ?"
Or something with the title " Soul Director. "

He'd probably refuse to eat or drink anything during recording sessions, so paranoid that Dennis had put something in it. He'd keep the Mic on his person at all times. Just in case it started plotting against him.

Then he'd disappear re release the stuff without Dennis' consent. Emerge years later saying he and his wife did it all.
His wife under the pseudonym of "poodle' would start leaving loads of hysterical comments all over youtube ( though hopefully that would no longer exist)

& so the cycle would continue.

Would you wish that on anyone lol

Anonymous said...

Why is it that none of the video's on YOU TUBE
including the DVATV channel ever credit Bob Baker?
Also why is it only old songs on the Clock DVA profile & Jane Newton's profile :(
With no mention of the ex members.
Isn't it against copyright or something not to credit people for their work.
It's like Jane Newton is making out she was a member when those songs were made & that she made them:(
And like they are taking all the credit for the video's.
The new ones are not so great :(

Why no new music, why no Boxed set it was promised in Autumn :(

madhatter said...

about giving or not giving credit to former members, I noticed the last.fm wiki page (http://www.last.fm/music/Clock+DVA/+wiki) was last edited by Adi Newton and I don't see any history being rewritten, ex members are mentioned accurately etc. Does anyone REALLY think he/they would try to replace all the ex members with Jane in the history books? I don't think so, NOBODY is that stupid. Besides, there are thousands n thousands of original albums existing with members & credits printed as they should be. The truth is out there! So I take it there's quite a number of people being paranoid about DVA :) lets just see what the future will bring I for one am hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Madhatter, my boy I know coz I've seen our Madi NEWTON edited two times the wiki shits and the first edit he made was crap. Yeah bro "The truth is out there!" and the only guys that know that truth are named Andrew McKenzie, Dean Denis, Paul Brownse,Robert Baker. And you should know they are all telling the same shits about Adi. Could be the truth boy. Ok guys, I've been on Myspace and what I readt on Adi Profile is just so idiotic. I sent him an email and I confirm what people are saying he's fucked, ah that's not the Adi I used to love, shit what happened to you Adi. Shit!



Mr Coolbean said...

<< [...] the new videos are not so great. Why no new music, why no Boxed set it was promised in Autumn>>

I have to agree with this. Perhaps Mr. Newton is not able to record any good music by himself. The new music the Scryer is not so good.

madhatter said...

hey Josh what I meant about "truth" is what's printed on the original albums. Adi cannot possibly erase the credits from the existing album covers! Wait maybe he can with those MAGIK POWERS or something :)
i don't know any of them personally but what I can smell is bullshit flying from many directions :)
EXCEPT mr. Dennis, haven't heard any shit talk from him, instead he's busy working on new music as it should be! kudos to him for that. instead of stirring old shit from the bottom of the jar :)

BTW I wish someone would write a book about the history of DVA&TAGC, I mean with an objective view to it all not dismissing any parties involved. Theres been books about the Cabs, TG, Coil/NWW/C93 etc. it would make a great read to have a similar one on these fellows. There are many unanswered questions for example those posted in these comments, what happened in 1994 etc?

ok enough fan talk for today :)

Phuk Yoo N'guyen said...

Madhatter : A well documented and objective book about TAGC/CLOCK DVA (+ a few other bands) is on the way.


Adi Newton is strongly opposed to this book ..... that could brings a possible unpleasing truth ;-)

Keep an eye open.

0100000 said...

Phuk Yoo N'guyen>>

Interesting! Do you know if the book will be in french only, or if it will be available in english?

Phuk Yoo N'guyen said...

Book : I am afraid the book will be in French only.

Dean Dennis : I have seen that he recently worked with Paul.Browse and Lustmord, but I have also heard that he worked with the rising star of ambient music Irezumi.
Irezumi CD on Snowblood records has been my favorite disc of 2008 and I'd be glad to catch some infos about this collaboration.

If interested : www.myspace.com/irezumimusic

madhatter said...

Hey Phuk Yoo N'guyen
Thanks for the book tip! Although being written in French will be a bit of a challenge, but on the other hand it's a good reason to train my French :)

Phuk Yoo N'guyen said...

The re-issues of DVA CLASSICS by mute : how many years are we going to wait ? smells like bullshit to me.

madhatter said...

I guess it is mere gossip until there's a word from MUTE who's supposed to release them. So far the only source, as far as I know, is these myspace/youtube/last.fm profiles SUPPOSEDLY maintained by Adi (and/or Jane).

Whatever but it is still a great idea! :) I'm sure we all agree this stuff should be easily available to new generations, well with the correct credits and all of course :)

Also there were huge delays on the release of the TG album on Mute a few years ago, and that had nothing to do with TG only the label (afaik). So in DVA's case there are probably even more factors delaying the process. IF it is actually going to happen.

Oh btw having read that H3O interview I take it McKenzie thinks he could have toured as DVA by himself back then and it would have been just as good if not better :D
On topic of supposedly arrogant artists overstating their contributions :)

Anonymous said...

Mute is working on the box set. Staff at Mute have publicly commented that it is being worked on.

The delays could be because of publishing rights. ClOCK DVA recordings were released on a huge variety of labels. So Mute would probably have to locate and buy the rights to re-release the tracks from those various labels.

Another problem could be royalty splits because the members can't agree on what their fair share is. Plus several members have already died so their royalty payments would have to be sorted out with surviving family or something like that. I imagine it would be extrememly complicated since there have been so many co-writers (about 15 people I think) through the various line-ups who would all need to agree to terms and sign contracts.

Yet another problem could be locating decent quality masters of all the material. I don't know if the band has access to their original masters or if the masters are in good condition.

There are a lot of amazing rare ClOCK DVA tracks that I hope are included in this box. Some tracks such as the early tape releases, Peel sessions, single b-sides, compilation tracks and live recordings have never been officially released on CD so it would be great if they are included. For example "We Cast Tall Shadows", "Someday", "Sister", "Brigade" and "You're Without Sound". And I'm sure there are many more unreleased tracks that we don't know about.

For those people who say Adi Newton has no talent, I disagree. He is definately the unifying force that ties all the ClOCK DVA threads together. Having said that, I feel all the various ex-members should be listed on the official myspace since they contributed greatly to the recordings. They should also be paid fairly for their contributions.

The new CLOCK DVA material "The Scryer" sounds good to me, I'm looking forward to hearing more.

I wish Adi Newton would start playing trumpet again, I enjoyed his playing on the Advantage-era recordings. I think it would blend well with the pure electronic style of the synth-based material. Like the cornets in THROBBING GRISTLE and Stephen Thrower's saxophone and clarinet work with COIL.

KIBUKA and VISIONS OF EXCESS are great. KIBUKA is supposed to release an album this year. I don't know if VISIONS OF EXCESS are still active, they haven't released anything new for about 5 years unfortunately. Robert Baker's group SHADOWRANGLERS is great too, they should put out an album.

Phuk Yoo N'guyen said...

Buy my shirt. I need some bucks to purchase new CLOCK DVA and new KIBUKA albums.


housepet said...

^____^ Dean from Kibuka is so cute <3 <3

housepet said...

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean <3
When are you going to sell me your sweetly dedicated CD <3

Anonymous said...

Hey guys Smells Like Good Shit is coming our waaaay.

The KIBUKA debut CD “Dystopia” will be available on Valentine’s Day

You will be able to obtain it direct from me on KIBUKA myspace profile
or on our economy DIY website.

It will also be available via Amazon UK in 2 weeks time and also distributed by Ant-Zen and eventually Solielmoon in USA.

That’s 76 minutes in total.
All without the irritating pauses & hiccoughs that you have to endure on myspace.

Apologies to those people who enjoyed “The Last Night” so much. Unfortunately we decided not to use the Martin Luther King samples (shame they gave the track such power) we substituted these and renamed the track “New Talk”.

If any one can’t use online payment systems then contact me & we can work something out.

The price is a low as we could make it:
12 Euros which includes packing & shipping.

Thanks for your support.
All proceeds from sales will enable the production of the next release.

I can't wait to get this shit guys. Denis you rule, FUCK THE HATERS, your shit feels so fucking strong. And HAIL LUSTMORD the master of the deep darkness.



Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is a great day guys hey look at what LUSTMORD says :

The debut album by KIBUKA (new project by my good friend Dean Dennis formally of Clock DVA) will be available February 14th.

Featuring a Lustmord extended remix of the track All Seeing Eye.

Available directly from their own Kodama Records and through Ant-zen Germany and Soleilmoon in the US.

The creditcard is ready to burn baby burn.



Mr Coolbean said...


Their website sucks.

zorro said...

that's not their website you dumbass hahahahaa

Anonymous said...

I do not want to wait for the return of Adi Newton. I think he is not the Adi we knew. A has been, that's what he is now. I will buy this Kibukka release and see if I can feel the spirit of the beautiful DVA's days inside.

pixiedust said...

Clock DVA love the new Kibuka release :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Originality and true Unaided Individual creative talent.

All DVA/TAGC material to be released whether it be music,sound,film,video or writing is solely created,produced and presented from our own concepts,ideas and creative skill,we do not need the "support" of others in the studio or on visuals to make our work sound fuller or look more interesting,it is easy if an artist is lacking to copy what has already been the initial originality of another's ideas and sound from what has gone before(the blue print has already been provided to trace from and with the advancement of programmes that were not available 15yrs ago this has become more and more easier to replicate,even now I hear that this copying has gone to the embarrassing extent of trying to replicate my vocal,lyrical delivery on their work,but you cannot make a weasel sound like a lion)and then to employ more talented perhaps lesser known artists,producers behind the scenes to then amplify work that without that extra support would sound much weaker and derivatives are innately unimaginative and non-creative and glaringly obvious
Please be aware that what you are listening to and being presented with under a group or individual work name may not be a realistic representation of that artists true originality or pure individual creative talent but in fact an aided amalgamation.

"Don't expect anything original from an echo".

"The principle mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers."
Arthur Koestler.

Adi Newton. Jane Radion Newton.

Can’t wait to hear the new material & see the new visual things. They are going to make them all on their own. It will be just as good as before but probably even better cos sweet Jane is officially involved and she can do more now.

I think poor Adi just finds it too hard to pay compliments he has to hide them behind other things. We know he’s a sweet really.

He sounds a bit gruff and maybe a bit arrogant at times but that is just because he is shy. I think he just pretends he doesn’t like the ex members cos he doesn’t hide that he thinks the Kibuka music is unbelievably good. So good he can’t even believe they could make it on their own. I think some people have misjudged him really badly he does give credit where it is due.

He’s EVEN saying it’s perfect :)

“"The principle mark of genius is not perfection”
We know that Adi thinks he’s a genius – well of course he is a genius we all know that.
So really he is trying to say in his own shy way that he thinks Kibuka is perfection :) That’s so cool.

I think he is very proud.

Some people say Adi is bitter I think they are wrong to say this. Really I do. I just think he cares a lot about the ex members and what they are doing. He likes to think about them and write about them quite often.
He does this so much he is all behind with things.

I think he is just hurt & upset because he’s wasn’t included. He really wanted to help them a lot. He knows they miss him, that’s why they used those samples of George Bush & that other genius Salvador Dali because the voices reminded them of him.
I think he feels sorry for them because they couldn’t make them sound like a lion or some other big animal.

Same as with the videos & things he just wishes they had more confidence in their own ability like him & Jane.

I think one day they will all make friends again, Adi is trying to make this happen & that is why he wrote the message.

madhatter said...

omg pixiedust if that blog msg really is about Kibuka, its some of the most embarrassing things I've come across in a while!

about that "support of others", weren't they too supposed to invite other artists to collaborate with them? I seem to remember another msg along those lines sent previously. well it doensnt matter. what matters is that posting that kind of crap is just shooting oneself in the foot.

I'm still waiting new stuff by Adi but it makes me wonder. so much bitterness rarely amounts to any good music. :(

madhatter said...

btw the Kibuka website is obviously

Anonymous said...

Madhatter - I'm with you. Total embarassment.

I think it is about Kibuka it is seriously F up.
I can't think who else it would be about unless some other project has released something recently that Adi thinks has echoes of the old Clock DVA.
Seems to coincidental with the timing.

It sucks that he implies that Kibuka had people in to help that they have not credited.
Adi cannnot even let ex members have credit for their work 17 years on down the line.

So what if they had remixes - they are not the first.
maybe if all the tracks were remixes I'd ask some serious questions.

Adi is a coward - he should name names
Someone should post a comment on his blog & ask him if it's about Kibuka and what it is he is trying to say.

I would but I was deleted by them.
Yes they have shot themselves in the foot - now everything they do has to be made by them. No "support" at all.

I also read that the studio album was to involve collaborations. I wonder if the collaborators have changed their minds - would you want to work with them, what ever the kudos associated with it?

Any new material has to live up to the expectations they have built up and be pure "genius" whatever their definition of genius is, it has exceed the brilliance of "Buried Dreams" be totally original with no repetition of the past.

But since Jane made such a huge contribution to BD & all recordings since then there should be no problem at all.

funny coincidence the captcha for posting this is "undeds" lol

Anonymous said...

All we need is a new material from Adi to prove his point if in fact he has one to prove.
Personally I'm sick and angry that I must witness so many fucked up things about my favorite band .
Will I come to the point where I simply lose any interest in Clock Dva or ex -members activity ?
Stop this fucking nonsense for the sake of old fans ,bury the hatchet.
Make music not war, live the

Anonymous said...

Live the present not the past.

Phuk Yoo N'guyen said...

I am reading a new Myspace post by Jane Newton. Anger, Anger, Anger. This story will never ends, I am wondering what in the world they are thinking to continue this childishness. We, fans, should not endure this. Jane, please stop.

Anonymous said...

from anonymous to anonymous: there is no present for adi newton and ex clock dva members.

João Pedro Gonzalvez said...

Me want new CLOCK DVA album. I do copies of CLOCK DVA CD I sell in Mexico. People buy the music in market and shop and they say thank you they like much and ask more new music. Please ADI NOUTON make new music the people want more the new music. I sell 2000 copies of the buried dream last year in Mexico. DVA is the good buisness for me.

Anonymous said...

from anonymous to anonymous: there is no present for adi newton and ex clock dva members.

Think you are wrong there mate - ex members have been doing their own stuff for years and still are now

madhatter said...

On a related note, here's a festival that announces a live performance by T.A.G.C.
So it seems we will soon have a chance to see what Adi & Jane are up to! Looking forward to be there. London, June 12/13/14

Jorgon Gorgon said...

To anonymous that said: "I am very disappointed in him" (regarding Adi Newton).

Meh, I became disappointed in him a long time ago, at least around the time of Collective with its megalomaniac and semi-illiterate (blame Cleopatra?) liner notes. The man is a musical genius (or was; Sign was eminently forgettable) but he certainly appears to be a pretentious twit judging by his writings and commentary.

Anonymous said...

I think Sign is a great album.
I listen to it quite often and Newton's voice on that album sounds great as well, I view Sign equal to Man-Amplified , let's face it, no other band out there was even able to touch the realm of DVA.

Jorgon Gorgon said...

In all honesty, I find Sign quite boring, with the exception of a couple of tracks. And, just to be the devil's advocate: there certainly are many bands that are equal to--or better--than Clock DVA. Now if you are talking about electronic music specifically, I would be more likely to agree, but even then with strong reservations. There just isn't a single best band in any genre fo music.

Anonymous said...

I respect your opinion Jorgon .
In my opinion music is not some sort of competition who is better or who is worst.
There are so many different styles and genres of music that it is impassible to tell who is the best of them all or who is the best when it comes to some specific musical genre.
What I meant to say was more about the whole concept behind the Clock Dva works ,
at the same time I understand that some people will find it simply boring , dull or dated.
I'm not trying to force anyone to agree with me , I find it even better if people don't and I respect that.

Anonymous said...

Guys, stop to fuck flies in the arse. Newton is a has-been. That's all.

madhatter said...

I find it funny that someone who thinks "Newton is a has-been" still bothers to post such "info" over the internet - if he's right why bother at all? It rather sounds like someone needs to post in order to convince himself?

I think Sign is a good album but perhaps lacks that little something compared to Buried Dreams or Man Amplified. Whether because of a different lineup or not, who knows.

Anonymous said...

I don’t really don’t care whether Adi is a “has been” or not, what is important to me is the way the Newton’s are acting towards fans, ex members & worst of all individuals from their past. All this shit coming from the Newton’s has very little to do with music at all.
The following extracts are quoted from myspace blogs, now only found on Adi Newton’s myspace profile.

"Public Apology To Jane”
Adi Newton’s myspace profile & was also originally on the Clock DVA profile.
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

“In the late 80's I was struggling through an extremely difficult relationship in which I was denied any choice to it's eventual outcome,held under the duress of only a black or white,this or nothing ultimatum that was too narrow a mind set to bring about a healthly change for all”

Who needed to know about such personal stuff when it was info about Clock DVA ‘s music? Why leave the blog open to all to view? Why not just say Jane made important contributions behind the scenes & leave it at that.

“Birds of a particular feather flock together”
Adi Newton’s myspace blog Sunday, February 15, 2009
Why then go on to say :

“In the late 80's I was struggling through an extremely difficult personal relationship in which I was firstly denied the moral choice of whether I wanted to be a father at that time in my life, the pregnancy was not an accident but I was not involved in the decision making!…….”

Why exactly do fan’s need to know all this such very personal detail? What has this got to do with music or Clock DVA or Clock DVA fans?
The blog continues & then says

“Twenty two years have passed since then but now this past deeply personal situation is being used as a tool to try and attack me because of “band” resentments, this is sickening”

Did any one hear or see any mention of the “deeply personal situation” at any time until the Newton’s started their myspace profiles? It was Adi himself that brought it into the public eye in the “Public Apology to Jane”

Please people WAKE UP & smell the bullshit.
Who do you think these bogs are aimed at? Not just fans that is for certain otherwise why have the blogs on full public view?

What if the child & the woman from that “deeply personal situation” also had myspace profiles?
What if the Newton’s knew that these individuals were reading the myspace blogs?

Would that change how you interpret these blogs?. This is it how it would change my interpretation

Write a lot personal stuff about people from past private life knowing that it will upset & humiliate them deeply and re-open old wounds. Use Clock DVA as way to do this in front of a few thousand people & make sure it is read by including it with new information about Jane’s role in Clock DVA. Leave the blogs publicly viewable.
Sit back & wait for these individuals to feel the pain & humiliation.

Later twist & stick the knife in deeper & add something even more personal, poisonous, more hurtful & humiliating. (Read again the opening lines of “Birds of a feather…” keeping in mind that the 2 individuals and especially the child it relates to could also be reading the blog. Ask what is really “sickening”?)

In the same blog create the image of a man badly wronged, a badly done to father. Make sure you cover your back in case any one speaks out against this by complaining that ex members are threatening to use your personal past as a “tool to attack” you because of some band resentments.

Forget to mention who it was that first brought up this “past deeply personal situation” Brush aside any possibility that Clock DVA has been used as a means to attack individuals. For good measure act very self righteous & indignant and assert what a fine example of humanity you are and what poor examples everyone from your past is.

This has got to be the most twisted & vile thing so far. Any one who does not see these blogs for what they are must be completely blind.

Even if the individuals were by some chance unaware of the blogs it
is still disgusting that individuals who have nothing to do with the music of Clock DVA are having their personal past broadcast in public by the Newtons. It is disgusting & sickening how the Newton’s are using Clock DVA as a way to humiliate & attack them.

I really don’t care if Adi is a has been or not, I am not someone who is posting in “order to convince himself” of anything. I know what I see. I am posting because I think this whole thing stinks and it is about time someone said something about this side of the sordid story.

I can’t understand why no one here has thought anything or said anything about this. Maybe all you care about is the music.

Jorgon Gorgon said...

Wow, I haven't read those before, and you are right, that's pretty sick.

However: I have absolutely no interest in having the Newtons as my drinking buddies, nor ever had. So you are right, it is 'all about the music'. Separating the artist from the art is a worthwhile endeavour. I listen to the music (as well as enjoy other art) of quite a few despicable assholes. So? Artistic talent is a separate quality from intelligence, ethical or political views, or for that matter sanity.

Anonymous said...

6/6/09 Clock Dva still losing it , no new record ,no old records either , nothing.
Pointless blogs on CD myspace official ,dwelling on the past, disrespect to their old fans - it is Clocks reality now.
Thank you Mr. Newton and Jane

Anonymous said...

clock dva new projet : Kibuka. Would like to give it a try. Please someone can upload it on rapidshare?

madhatter said...

Just buy the Kibuka CD from Dean Dennis directly! kibuka.co.uk its definitely worth the price. fuck rapidshare etc, these artists need all the support they can get!

Anyone going to see T.A.G.C. perform at Equinox Festival London?? Seems like a perfect chance to check out what Adi & Jane are up to these days! Even if not as DVA, T.A.G.C. at least.

Despite all the bad blood and whatever bullshit, I think it's great to see all of them coming back with their respective projects. Cheers!

Kurt said...

Clock DVA...Clock DVA.....Every five years or so I drag out my cassettes of the Les Bains Douche 1983 live show and the November 83 show with Katie Kissoon and marvel at the musical energy. You know what? I play the two versions of Sister, heard on these tapes, over and over again. They are so hot, (especially the nearly instrumental Kissoon one!) it doesn't matter who did the vocals. Oddly enough, this song was never released but it still has a great 1940's film noir feel to it for me, albeit more punched up than, say, Eternity in Paris. To hell with begging for re-releases! Let's get the LIVE stuff out! Of the "computer-hypno" era DVA, Man-Amplified LP and accompanying EP were the best. My cat loved to curl up in my lap and listen to it with me as the sound was thrown about the room, played through a Sansui quad amp QS matrix. I can still see Oreo's ears moving up and down and back and forth as the sound made its moves. Late to this: I will now try to obtain Kibuka. Dean Dennis? Was that not he playing bass on Bitstream? it made the song, thank you, sir. I recall seeing Clock DVA live in Chicago not long after release of that record. The music was great, but I couldn't hear any of Adi's whisperings. What a pity! So much to say, such a great voice, but he couldn't be heard!

Anonymous said...

i know the person very well who mr n refers to in his so called public apology ...........

Lagowski said...

Like lots of great bands, they didn't get on well together as individuals, by the sound of all of the stories I've heard. That made for great music. Shame it became so bitchy!

Anonymous said...

I am the person he refers to, wanna know some truth?

Lagorfsky said...

No news from DVA anymore. The boxset was a sweet dream.

Anonymous said...

LOL! this is a truly pathetic farce, those who follow will follow, those who lead.................Do you think REAL artists like Jhonn Balance/Peter Christopherson?Gen et al would lower themselves to creating a smokescreen for lack of activity/creativity or get caught up in their own self importance? I now believe what Jhonn balance said about The Anti Group being his conception, after all, coil were far more creative than Clockdva could ever dream of being.

Anonymous said...

I got the Horology Box Set, it's awesome. I'm so happy that it was finally released. Very different from both the Thirst/Advantage era and the Buried Dreams/Man Amplified era. Very lo-fi and primitive but great. The spirit of Clock DVA is there in all the tracks. Personnel on the early stuff is Adi Newton, Steven 'Judd' Turner, Simon Elliot Kemp, David J 'Tyme' Hammond, Roger Quail and Charlie Collins.

Anonymous said...

It’s refreshing to read something positive about ClockDVA. Yes, the boxed set is indeed a gem of ‘lost’ early recordings from a time when DVA were raw, primitive and new. Of course I will be biased, but I think it was their most exiting period.
If you are interested in what Simon Elliott-Kemp is up to in 2012 have a look at ‘’Horse Verse’ at www.greysecond.com
And please forgive me ‘advertising’ on this blog.
S. Elliott-Kemp

Nassr Eddin said...

or maybe: