Yamo on MySpace

Wolfgang Flür has taken his Yamo project to MySpace. Nothing exciting, except the term Musik Soldat (music soldier) and a caricature. And there are tons of interesting, historic photos in the "My Pics" section.

Computer Liebe in Jazz

Swedish jazz pianist Jan Lundgren and his trio will release the album "European Standards" in April. On the album, a companion to the previously released "Swedish Standards", the trio covers a list of European songs, from The Beatles "Here, There And Everywhere" to Krystof Komeda's "Rosemary's Baby". And Kraftwerk's "Computer Liebe". I heard the entire piece on Swedish radio yesterday, and it's not bad at all.

Short sample here, from the label site.

This reminded me of another Kraftwerk jazz version - "Trans Europe Express" as recorded by Christian Prommer and released last year by Sonar Kollektiv. Preview here. It's track 6.