The Catalogue

Let the rumors start, again! The Dutch EMI site lists Kraftwerk - Boxset (8CD) in their soon to be released-list. The release date is set to September 7th.

Also on that same date, according to the same EMI list, these albums will be (re)released:
  • Autobahn
  • Radio-Activity
  • Trans-Europe Express
  • The Man Machine
  • Computer World
  • Techno Pop
  • The Mix
  • Tour de France
Fingers crossed that this means that we finally get to buy The Catalogue, the box set of 8 remastered Kraftwerk albums that was initially promoted back in 2004.

And after that, time should be right for the re-release of the first three albums.


states said...

yeah, right! i don't believe them anymore!

Mike Sav said...

What a surprise - it's now moved to the 28th... that thing will never be released!

0100000 said...

Hm. Well, at least that means someone is planning something, right?

Mike Sav said...

it's now to be released on the 5th Oct - what next, release date to be pushed back another 5 years!

Robert E baker said...
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