Mini-Composer - another Kraftwerk related app

Hot on the heels of Kling Klang Maschine No1 comes MINI-COMPOSER, another Kraftwerk related app for the iPhone and iPad. This one was developed by former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos and software developer Masayuki Akamatsu.

The app, desctibed as a "simple music app for fun [that] implements the basic waves of a synthesizer with a 16 step sequencer", is available for free - with an urge to donate money to the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan - from the app store.


Kling Klang Machine No1

I'm sure everyone has read about the new Kraftwerk app for iPhone and iPad - Kling Klang Machine No1. If not, check out this video to see what it's about. Maybe this should be regarded as the new Kraftwerk album?

Get the app from iTunes here.

The Wire Salon - Performing Kraftwerk: Synthesizing The Man-Machine

Held at London's Cafe Oto March 15th, the latest installment of The Wire Salon was entitled "Performing Kraftwerk: Synthesizing The Man-Machine".

A recording of the event is now available online. Listen to the discussion with Sean Albiez and David Pattie, co-editors of Kraftwerk: Music Non-Stop, by clicking here.