Kraftwerk 45 RPM

The Vinyl Factory will exhibit 45 iconic 7" Kraftwerk single covers from The Mott Collection, at their gallery in Chelsea, London, from September 12th to October 5th.

They will also publish a book with pictures of the 45 sleeves. With the book comes a 7" single with a 2009 interview with Kraftwerk.

Printed in the book, it seems, will only be a photo of the front of the sleeves. No labels, no backside, no detailed information - making it just a little bit pointless in the Discogs era, and it's horribly expensive at £80.

Still, I'd probably buy one if I could afford it.

Event page on facebook here
Vinyl Factory page here


Anonymous said...

Dreadful sleeve condition, as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

The comment below is really a comment on the Shadow Bureau track, and recently posted there, but I can imagine you didn't see that so long after your original blog post, so here it is again:

I was just wondering if the various artists album containing the Axis of Envy track by The Shadow Bureau feat. Wolfgang Flur was ever released... preferably on CD... I couldn't find any info.

On the book: looks nice, but I certainly wouldn't spend that amount of money on it if it doesn't contain anything other than the front covers. Maybe if the single had an exclusive track, I would ...