Robert Görl - Glücksritter

With Gabi Delgado churning out music, some might have wondered what his DAF colleague Robert Görl has been up. We saw him release the digital single "Schwarze Engel" on iTunes and Napster in 2009, and he posted the track "Rachel" on Soundcloud in 2011. But apart from that, not much has been made public.

Schwarze Engel:


Well, it turns out that he's got a new album out now. The album is called "Glücksritter" and it looks like this:

Weirdly though, in this particular case, having a new album out doesn't mean that it's been released. At least not in any traditional, physical (or digital) format. Instead, "Glücksritter", will only be performed live. A few live recordings have surfaced on YouTube, and it sounds rather promising. Hoping to see this released in some format, that doesn't necessarily involve travelling to Germany and attending a gig, at some point.

This is apparently the tracklist:

1. Kleines schwarzes Ding aus Tokyo
2. Die Nacht ist so kurz
3. Schwarzer Boogie Boogie
4. Zeig mir deine Rose
5. Mareen
6. Schieb das Kind
7. U.S.Acidboys
8. Nachts gehörst du mir
9. Der Tod will schwarze Stiefel sehen
10. Glücksritter
11. Mein bester Freund ist schwul
12. Schwarzer Engel, du bist so schön
13. Ich bin verliebt in eine unbekannte Frau

And here's a chance to listen some of that new stuff:

For more information, look up Glücksritter on Facebook.

And if you're keen on the album design, get your Glücksritter merch here.

This is the first post on Düsseldorf Hbf in almost 3 years, by the way. Blog lives!