2007 In Retrospect

If you run a blog, you are forced by international law to list stuff at the end of each year. My memory is bad, so it'll be short.

Best album discovered in 2007

The White Noise - "An Electric Storm" (1968)

I stumbled upon this while strolling around Helsinki one day. There was this small, leftfield record store placed under ground, in some railway/train station. I went in, and something amazing was playing. It was this one. I can't believe I've never heard it before. It has the power to remove the term "psychedelic" from all your other psychedelic records.

Best album cover

Pomassl - "Spare Parts" (Raster-Noton)

Best newcomer

I Am A Vowel - "Et Op La Bang" (Fang Bomb)

Sure, I'm a bit biased. But still. "Wibbling glitchy tap drip bad hallucinogenic woodlice-tronica", according to Norman Records in Leeds, UK.

Best live recording

It's a close call between Harmonia's "Live 1974" and the Kraftwerk bootleg "Live on Radio Bremen", recorded in 1971. They both win.

Best new Kraftwerk product

Kraftwerk - "Aerodynamik / La Forme - Hot Chip Remixes"

Mostly because I had to get it in here somehow.


I forgot one thing (and this is important):

Concert of the year

Haswell & Hecker / Pan Sonic at Conway Hall, London, October 11th.

Haswell & Hecker attacked all senses, with high end, high/low frequency, massive volume noise academia and the most intense and impressive green laser thing I've ever encountered. And Pan Sonic weren't bad either. We were outside of the ancient Conway Hall building when they started their set, and we could feel the entire structure vibrating.

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