Wolfgang Flür, Michel Geiss on Perry Rhodan

Perry Rhodan is probably the most well known German science fiction book series, first published in 1961. Last year, long time Jean-Michel Jarre collaborator Michel Geiss, released a new musical interpretation of the Perry Rodan universe, X-Plorer's "A Trip Through the Universe of Perry Rhodan".

Last week, ARTE sent a TV special on the project. The programme is now available for viewing through Vimeo (in German, sorry) And Elektrospock, aka Wolfgang Flür, is in it! Don't miss his short, but gloved, drumming sequence around 4:40 ...

More on the cd here.


Popol Vuh remixed

Editions Mego has released two remixed Popol Vuh tracks, well worth the effort of purchasing, on a gloriously transparent red vinyl 12”.

Starting things off, Pan Sonic’s Mika Vainio has re-interpreted "Nacht: Schnee", a song from the soundtrack Popol Vuh recorded to the Werner Herzog film "Cobra Verde". It’s an ambient composition with just a few stabbing stereo effects to keep you from drifting away. Almost like a time-stretched dubstep backing track, but not quite.

On the flip side we find Haswell & Hecker’s version of "Aguirre 1", also a soundtrack piece lifted from a Herzog movie – "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" (Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes) from 1972. Haswell & Hecker can be quite harsh, but this is more dark than aggressive, and it has some amazing electronic effect work on top. It's choral music in the most disturbing sense of the word. Top notch!

Give it a try via Boomkat.

Beggar Bot plays The Robots (sort of)

Alexander Gurko's Bettelbot (Beggar Bot) plays music using nothing but obsolete hard drives and floppy drives, and then begs for change. More here.