Clock DVA - losing it

I've been looking forward with anticipation towards the Clock DVA cd box, that will be, it has been said, released on Mute soonish. But now I don't know...

The below message is probably the most misdirected, misinformed and possibly paranoid MySpace-message i have ever received. It is also an even more obvious misinterpretation of the current global communication community, and the groups own status and possible benefits, than Kraftwerk's attempts to keep things "under control" in later years.

As if it would really matter or "mean something" to be somebodys friend on MySpace. Please...


We check all new friends requests before accepting to see if you have the FAKE- Fan profile (described below) or any of these EX-members profiles in your friends also…..

Nohno/ Kibuka (Dean Dennis)

If you have any of these above profiles we are sorry but we cannot accept/keep you as a friend, and if these profiles approach you after we have accepted you and you then accept them it is your choice but we will have to delete our official profiles if we find them within your friends, oil and water do not mix.

You may feel that this is a strong response but we ask you to trust and respect that our decision is based on past and present acts still being perpetrated against (DVA/TAGC) and so therefore any “friendships” with these individuals cannot co-exist on principle with a friendship with our Official profiles.


We must inform you that the DVA fan? Profile that you have within your friends has NO honest connection to DVA, it is merely a deceptive, exploitative profile run by EX– members who have NO continuing connection with DVA or I since 1994.This fan profile! has been constructed only to draw in unsuspecting DVA fans so that these EX-members can promote and sell there own products /projects under the exploitation of my group name and fabricate their own input/histories within DVA - NOT to maintain the true artistic integrity and history of Clock DVA.

No attempt by these EX –members has ever been made over the years to contact or inform me the originator and director of DVA in the running of this profile even though these individuals have had a direct telephone number to my home but continued to promote the deception to friends/fans/any inquiries that they did not know my whereabouts.

I originally tried to contact each friend on this profile to direct them to the official profiles, finding this out these EX-members closed the fan profile to private to deliberately prevent me access to my own fan base!!, their actions again expose the underhand and exploitative nature of these individuals.

By having the fan profile as a top/friend you are unknowingly? aiding the exploitation and abuse of Clock DVA and we are reticent to accept/keep friends who after having been informed of this abuse still continue to have this fake fan profile as a friend.

We await your response, please with a message back on your decision.
Jane/ Adi Newton – Founder/Creative director ClockDVA/TAGC 1978-onwards.

And it was sent on christmas eve, even... Go ponder.

I'm sorry for the exuberant use of quotation marks in this text. I think it was necessary.

Clock DVA returns!


Kraftwerk - The Movie (?)

Wolfgang Müller, former Kraftwerk member and author of the autobiography "I Was a Robot", has motion picture plans. According to his website, www.yamomusic.de, Wolfgang will meet with producer Hannes Stöhr on new years eve, to discuss the possibilities of transferring the book onto the silver screen.

And though I acknowledge that it it rather unlikely that it will happen, I still want to grasp the opportunity to suggest some leading actors. I want Udo Kier to play Ralf Hütter (give him a wig). Furthermore, I want to see Claes Månsson as Florian Schneider (shave him) and Pee-wee Herman as Karl Bartos. I assume Wolfgang Flür will be playing himself.


Liedgut, mit Florian

In other Florian related news, Atom™, aka Uwe Schmidt, Lassigue Bendthaus, Señor Coconut, DOS Tracks and more, will release a new album on the Raster-Noton label on January 26th.

Besides from looking very good and getting me very exited in general (Atom™ being one of my all time favourites), Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider contributes a spoken epilogue to the album. Interesting news indeed.

More here and here.

This recent live show may or may not give an indication of what to expect from the Liedgut album (Some of the material is older though, for example the first song in the 3:rd video is taken from the iMix album):

Florian, again
Florian still missing
Sputnik Roadhouse
Kraftwerk on tour - without Florian

Florian, again

Are you saying that Florian was not involved in TDF Soundtracks


Following up on Florian Schneider's abscence lately, an online discussion has amounted to the above revelation.

Is it true? Who knows. The source seems to be a reliable one.

Florian still missing
Sputnik Roadhouse
Kraftwerk on tour - without Florian


Karl Bartos autobiography in the making

As it appears from this recent news post at karlbartos.com, Karl Bartos has started preparations for writing his autobiography.

Two new photographs are posted with the article, showing Karl and Wolfgang Flür meeting up, and the news post also mentions Karl visiting Kraftwerk's former Kling Klang studio, to meet "some other guy". Could that "other guy" be Florian Schneider, letting Karl in while Ralf Hütter is out on tour?