Liedgut, mit Florian

In other Florian related news, Atom™, aka Uwe Schmidt, Lassigue Bendthaus, Señor Coconut, DOS Tracks and more, will release a new album on the Raster-Noton label on January 26th.

Besides from looking very good and getting me very exited in general (Atom™ being one of my all time favourites), Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider contributes a spoken epilogue to the album. Interesting news indeed.

More here and here.

This recent live show may or may not give an indication of what to expect from the Liedgut album (Some of the material is older though, for example the first song in the 3:rd video is taken from the iMix album):

Florian, again
Florian still missing
Sputnik Roadhouse
Kraftwerk on tour - without Florian

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