Clock DVA - still losing it

Again, I have been eagerly looking forward to the Clock DVA reissue box, to be released by Mute Records, and the possibilities of new material from both Clock DVA and T.A.G.C. But these guys are really doing their best to extrude me. On christmas eve (!), I received this message via MySpace. And today, there's another one. Again, it was sent by Jane Radion Newton, wife of Clock DVA founder Adi Newton, and currently a Clock DVA member in her own right. Here it is:
Paul Browse??? Please give myself, Adi, DVA,T.A.G.C the respect to delete our profiles if you wish to keep such "personalities" who without reason have exploited our work and caused untold personal problems by thier actions.Thankyou

We check all new friends requests before accepting to see if they have any of these EX-members profiles in your friends
Nohno/ Kibuka (Dean Dennis)
(Bob Baker) Shadowranglers/Shadowranger
Andrew Mckenzie(Hafler Trio)

If you have any of these above profiles we are sorry but we cannot accept/keep profiles that consider these individuals as their friends, as they certainly are not ours and are NOT a welcome part of DVA/TAGC I have deep regrets ever inviting them into my work- oil and water do not mix.

You may feel that this is a strong response but we ask you to trust and respect that our decision is based on necessity and issues that cannot be resolved. We hope you continue your respect as their actions and activities have also affected buying fans being behind fake DVA/TAGC products taking money from innocent fans irrespective of any lie they care to invent to justify this, they were also behind a fake ClockDVA profile now deleted through our exposure of its exploitation; therefore this is not a personal issue and we hope you would empathize by reflecting back on this as if these forms of exploitation were the same abuses of your own work.

These profiles also usually follow on our heals to filch friends of DVA/TAGC after we have accepted them.

With Respect

Adi Newton – Founder/Creative director ClockDVA/TAGC 1978-onwards and Jane Radion Newton.
So, there you have it. Another attempt to keep the online community "in check", accomplishing nothing but proving their own complete comfusion regarding the purpose and meaning of online tools like MySpace. And the related issue of online "friendship".

Why does everyone have to fail eventually?

Clock DVA - losing it.


Anonymous said...

I guess Adi was busy preparing for that T.A.G.C. gig he just did at the Equinoxe festival. Now that that is finished he'll hopefully get the box set out plus the new album. Personally I think he should hire a recording engineer or a co-ordinator to speed it up, but I doubt that'll happen unfortunately.

The bits and pieces I've heard of the new DVA material do sound promising. I wonder what kind of synthesizers he is using to create it.

The Kibuka album is also good, if you like Digital Soundtracks you should check it out!

0100000 said...

The Equinox show seems to have been a bit of a failure, unfortunately, as the TAGC set was forced to be shortened to 20 minutes or so.


Listened to Kibuka on MySpace - sounds interesing.

Anonymous said...

So why the fuck bother with those idiots?

Anonymous3 said...

Anonymous 1
What has preparing for a gig got to do with telling people to delete ex members from their myspace friends list?

Do you really think there will ever be a boxed set released?
How long does it take to prepare for a 20 or even 40 minute set?
In June 2008 they announced that the back catalogue would be released in Autumn 2008.

BTW the reason Paul Browse was the subject of this delete message is because according to a Clock DVA myspace blog he is " copying and adding our own personal influences/profiles to his top friends such as Ouspensky and Gurdjieff "

Effing pathetic. How old are they?
They ARE idiots. It's no surprise that they are failing.

Anonymous said...

Well, Adi has more to gain from releasing the box set than from not releasing the box set. So I expect it will be released eventually.

From not releasing it he gains: nothing.

From releasing it he gains: money (I have no idea how much but even a small ammount of money is better than none) and the pleasure of presenting Clock DVA's music to a small but hardcore fanbase.

It wasn't just Adi that announced the box set. Mute employees have also announced it. So it's not just a rumour.

Regarding Paul Browse, I have no idea what caused the problems between him and Adi. I don't know why he left the band after Buried Dreams. Their falling out seems to have occured long before the Collective/Next Era Buried Dreams reissue incidents.

As for the Box Set being behind schedule, plenty of things come out later than planned for a whole variety of reasons: quality control, legal issues etc.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 1:
In the late 70s around 1978/1979 a project like no other orchestrated by Adi Newton came into being and it was called Clock DVA. This project was unlike any other and was so original that it got people’s attention. Without disclosing to much because that would take away from the interview it appears that Clock DVA has made their return and working on new material. Being that Clock DVA was a favorite project of mine I decided to contact Adi Newton and Jane Newton and ask them about the return of Clock DVA, the new CD, and the changes in today’s sub cultured scene. This is the interview that will blow all others out of the water. Readers, Ladies and gentlemen I give to you the interview with Clock DVA.

Buried Dreams and Visionary Schemes Brought To You By Clock DVA

1.CAM: First of all I want to thank you for talking with us and say I personally loved all your work. Officially how did the inception of Clock DVA come into being?
Adi Newton. - CLOCKDVA immerged from the ashes of the Electronic Trio The Future an electronic Trio Comprising of Myself = Vocals Tapes, Loops & Treatments, Ian Craig Marsh Synthesizer and Martyn Ware Synthesizer. Due to what was a clash of ideas , one group can not contain 2 lead personalities and Martyn Ware had a very strong idea as to the direction he wanted to take and I had mine. Martyn and Ian went on to form The Human League, one need only to look at The Human leagues Gordon’s Gin theme and Rock and Roll pt.II to understand the commercial pop orientation that was their orientation, obviously not mine. The clash of lead personalities I believe was also the reason why the Human League split into B.E.F / Heaven 17 and Phil Oakey then went on to produce the successful Album DARE a great commercial success which again I believe Martyn had strove to achieve. I on the other hand had no desire to develop pop music, my intension was always to go beyond the formats on convention and try to create something new, something outside of orthodoxy to challenge myself, to stretch the frontiers and so l formed my own group ClockDVA with founding partner Steven J Turner aka Jud. After the pure and synthetic sound of the future, Mine and Juds intension was to create a music of a different order, a visceral and harder electronic music that would confront the audience both psychically and mentaly and to challenge their perceptions ,a powerful barrage of sound and visuals that would wake up the complacency of their mind. Something that would go on in the subconscious that would expand and grow and change the way they would think about music.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 2:

Adi Newton -The original DVA core was myself and Steven J Turner aka Jud who sadly deceased Sept 1981 due to an accidental drugs OD. We began by developing our experimental material and recording all of our sound experiments using chance as a Magickal process to build up a large archive of recordings. I had some E.M.S synthesizers and processors and about 6 / 7 reel to reels then, some where used as loop playback devices the other tape recorders where used as just tape playback also I used a main Open Reel as a master recorder, all of these archival recordings have been digitally transferred and archived and a collection of this material has been edited and digitally mastered and will be released on the DVA MUTE CD Album “Horology” which are the first ClockDVA recordings ,our original sound was very electronic nearer to Buried Dreams with shades of early electronic pioneers such as John Cage ,Pierre Schaefer, Stockhausen than the first “official” release “White Souls in Black Suits “(Industrial records 1980) which many mistakenly believe to be the first sound and release of DVA again most people are only aware of DVA from The White Souls / Thirst period and so are not aware of the original Electronic beginnings,(This will be fully addressed in the extensive inner sleeve Booket that will accompany the Audio content of the Horology CD due for release 1st part of JAN 2011, we hope that every box is ticked at this time as it has been a long process as there were many aspects to consider & produce ,Jane and I have worked intensely over many years on new designs and digital transference and mastering of rare material on the verge of deteriorating .There was only a very limited amount of material released during the early period of 77 to 79 theses where private cassette editions produced by DVA and only very few people heard that material, One very Notable and supportive individual was Jhonn Balance of Coil another very creative and talented individual sadly not with us any longer ,a true Friend who will always be greatly missed and fondly remembered, In fact the name Coil was the name of an early DVA track, one day Jhonn wrote to me asking if I had any objection for him to use the name of the track for his new group project off course I was happy for him to use it and the rest is history, Coil was born ,I still have all the extensive and hand written communications Johnn wrote to me over the many years . Johnn was always a great supporter of myself and DVA and we spoke many times of a collaboration unfortunately time devoured our chances a rare and wondrous opportunity that death took with it but more so a beautiful, unique and talented man. During the early period we auditioned numerous individuals but they proved to be unsuitable in many ways, The third real member of DVA was D J TYME AKA David James Hammond ,Guitar and Treatments, David was and is a great guitarist he really was an important element in the early DVA, a number of the recordings featuring David will be on the Album CD “Horology” David was also a key contributor to “Whit Souls in Black Suits ,and the Tracks “4 Hours” and “Blue Tone” on the Album “Thirst” but his credit for these two tracks has gone unrecognized, I am currently readdressing this situation as this credit is due concerning his contribution to those works. Simon Kemp was brought in to do Electronic Rhythms but also provided some synthesizer work on some of the early DVA period recordings again the details and specifics of these will be fully detailed in the Booklet within “Horology” This Line up was the first DVA group per say, as technically Jud and I where a Duo and consequently all additional members where invited into the group format. Myself and Jud where The DVA core founders who set the precedent of all DVA ideas then and progressively .These details and history will be further expanded and documented on in the 120 page book that comes with the DVA MUTE BOX SET currently being finalized.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 3:

CAM: Your release Buried Dreams, was that a conceptual release and if so what was the concept behind it?

Adi Newton.- As I said in the beginning of my involvement in music my aim was to break down the boundaries, to experiment with form and content re invent re-evaluate the possibilities to create new forms I was driven by a desire primary as a painter to express that which was unseen as well as that which could be seen, this has always been the central idea that I follow and before I began work on Buried Dreams circa 1987 I was working within the TAGC project (see Question 20. ) using the first tentative digital computer sampling systems ,experimenting with the possibility’s that this new technology was opening, one of the tracks I was developing was a piece that later Developed into The Hacker which at that stage I entitled “Diamond Bullet” a reference made by Kurtz’s (Marlon Brando’s characters monologue in Francis Ford Coppola’s Film “Apocalypse Now” ) this was used as a sample in the track , however this was superseded as I felt it was limiting in its context, and a little to obvious. I was looking for more sophisticated and symbolic analogous and connective elements. What interested me was the use of sampling atmospheric elements and utilizing them with precision and control in order to build and create a tangible feeling and a sonic audio, coupled with occult systems of esoteric philosophy and Alchemy, exploring the darker aspects of the psychological and psychosexual realms of the Human Psyche. I alone was researching and reading a lot of material ranging from DeSade / Bataille / Dr Iwan Bloch / Rabelais, Lautreamont, Artaud ,I was also archiving source material and writing, arranging the lyrical content and vocalization which is vital to the process of creating the feel and essence of the constructed work this provides the conceptual basis and gives it its content and form. I think in light of the way certain former members are inventing and over elaborating their true role and actual input into Buried Dreams and other albums its important to state for the record my obvious (for those who know me and the history of DVA/TAGC) core role. I am not in any way trying to undermine P. Browse or D. Dennis contribution but establishing the true ratio and depth of that contributory relationship. You see neither P.Browse nor D.Dennis where involved or contributed to the conceptualization, research or sample finding that resulted in the unique sound and depth of Buried Dreams, their roles where purely technical in the process and could have been replaced by anyone, that’s why they can not speak about the inner soul of DVA only their roles as musicians on the particular albums they where involved with.
You see a track like The Hacker refers to ancient arcane systems as well as current day technologies. The Statement I wrote prior to the release of Buried Dreams "We envisage a paradoxical marriage between the beautiful and the diseased, occult and technology" Adi Newton ClockDVA Publicity Document 1988. summarizes what I alone envisaged and researched for Buried Dreams, The very title itself relates to the idea of the hidden or unseen, the notion of submerged or sub-conscious desires, which tie into my long time interest in De Sade and his philosophical and anthropological theories I think that De Sade has been greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted, De Sade never actually advocated sadistic action but employed it as a literary devise to extend the dimensions of his philosophical concepts.                              
Two of his most famous novels, Justine Ou Les Malheurs de la Vertu (1788) and Juliette Ou Les Prosperites du Vice (1797) are based on anti-heroines and in this respect he was one of the first to place a woman in a predominate sexual role.  It is quite interesting to note that only quite recently De Sade has been accepted in French academies as part of philosophical studies,  having been banned and denied his status for 170 years or thereabouts.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 4:

Adi Newton.- De Sade is also the first existential philosopher. This can be seen clearly in his Dialogue Entre un Pretre et us Moribund(1782) And there can be little doubt on his influence on the surrealist movement. Appolinaire re-published and brought about a new awareness and appraisal of De Sade very early on in the beginnings of the surrealist movement. Coincidentally it was also Appollinaire who coined the term surreality.Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde could be seen in the light of right/left brain experiments, Freuds ego/id etc. Sexuality also within the context of horror is a very large subject and particularly in Valerian Borowczyk's "Doctor Jekyll et les Femmes", where the full sexuality of Hyde is unleashed in a series of psycho-sexual murders, perpetrated against men, women and children. This particular film is probably the finest example of pure derangement of the senses, and so is a fulfilment of the De-Sadian surrealist raison d'etre. I think it is difficult and also dangerous to categorise work of Lautreamonts or J.K. Huysmans , merely as sadistic, satanic,horror, when really they encompass diverse and complex symbolic metaphysics. I have always felt a great affinity to this area from an early age. I can remember being interested in any film within this category. Films like Robert Wise's 'The Haunting' were very influential upon me at an early age, this particular films contains strong psychological, as well as visual and sonic effects that create an intense atmosphere within the story. Is Buried Dreams Industrial Music? There was mention earlier of being too closed in ones thinking, limiting oneself in one dimensional levels. Rabelais is an early influence, I think a number of things have all been within me and Rabelais got to the marrow of them, one of the first great thinkers and visionaries. Lautreamont we find also to be an unending source of inspiration, the fact that he only wrote two pieces, one for the exploration of extreme sensations and one against in the form of 'Poesies' (1868) and his mysterious death/life leads one to a mystery that is always fascinating. Einstein and Ballard on the opposite end, yet represent extremes again in thought. Einstein’s magnetic field theory is still very ahead of today's exploration of time travel theorem; in fact Einstein himself deemed the theory too dangerous and abandoned it voluntarily so as not to unleash its power. Ballard's 'Atrocity Exhibition' is I would say, one of the ultimate books, a synthesis of quantum-surrealist occult-pataphysical and psycho-sexual visions/concepts since kraaft-Ebbings 'Psychopathia Sexualis' . It has always been my own personal inner interest, cerebral, emotional direction that has lead to the creation of all past DVA/TAGC releases.


Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 5:

CAM: Each release such as Thirst, White Souls In Black Suits, Advantage, Buried Dreams, and Man –Amplified were very different from each other what influences did you draw from for these releases?

White Souls in Black Suits
Adi Newton. - The extract from white Souls below gives a good indication of the areas of interest and ideas. Jud and I were inspired by and that I tried to encapsulate in White Souls. The DADA & Surrealist movements which gave rise to many of my initial interests, great artists and works such a those Vache,Craven,Appollinaire,Jarry,Duchamp,Man Ray, although obviously these influences and their philosophy began much earlier than our awareness Jud and I had an innate understanding of the conceptual desire to want to create an Anti Art of contradictory elements. This conflict of opposites as expressed in Alchemy has always been a focus of attention and has continuously been carried through into my ideas and works throughout the many years.
“Balance between heaven and hell, a new unity combining chance end design. We have adopted chance, the voice of the unconscious - the soul, if you like - as a protest against the rigidity of straight line thinking. We are ready to embrace, or be embraced  by the unconscious. All this grew out of the true. A situation of conflict. This was the reality In which we worked. Press cutting poems fluttering scraps of paper. And tzara  received chaos with open arms, they complimented each other, like belief and unbelief; they belonged together like good and evil, art and anti art.”
Cut up by Adi Newton 1978

Adi Newton- I think with Thirst I was attempting to use the format of the Song to create something new with the standard, the recognizable form of the song Verse / chorus / mid break etc with the unfamiliar and surreal lyrical content,”4 Hours “is a good example, the use of a subconscious nightmarish Lynch like scenarios, juxtapositions of image thrown into the realm of convention, a subversion of that pattern we are all familiar with. We used a conventional line up of instruments but pushing them to do things outside of there perceived role. Each track on the album treats a specific theme or idea “White Cell” is concerned with the Ideas and life of De Sade an exploration of the restriction of the will that De Sade found himself within, as the distance from his ideal and the restrictions the philosophical and religious morality of societies conventions forced upon him. In the end his will was completely ignored because it went beyond that which could be understood by his generation, and even now many fail to grasp his humanist insight. Thirst is about that struggle that conflict between what we are told we are, and the true nature of what we can become, again the instrumentation is conventional but it is stretched and distorted providing that edge, the convention of the song format is there but is subverted and distorted.

Adi Newton- With Advantage I made a mistake in that I wanted to create an album that would be more accessible to a larger audience, and I involved musicians who desired this kind of fame and image and who in retrospect I would never have invited into my work apart from Nick Sanderson who sadly passed away last year. Through this loss of touch with the central core of my values and interests this desire to produce something “sophisticated” overtook my deeper instincts, at a cost. At that time I had become interested in the use of Jazz and the area of Noir and hard boiled crime fiction such as Jim Thomson the film works of Orson Wells “Touch of Evil” etc and the more obscure works of Noir writers such as Cornell Woolridge. I do think the tracks Tortured Heroine, Beautiful losers, Eternity in Paris, Dark Encounter work well they convey the atmosphere I wanted to achieve, but overall for me it is a flawed production in many ways and brought in parasitical, ego led personalities into my work as the albums commercial premise drew in such characters and diluted my sense of choice and value.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 6:


Adi Newton –The central theme is one of man-machine symbiosis the cybernetics of spirit and technology, mans relationship with science, art and the mechanistic extension of self, again the themes of going beyond our convention of the imposed limits that nature as placed upon us. Human kind’s attempts to create and become a technological god against the cost of our own nature, a Faustian deal that can take away much more than we believe it gives. Man Amplified uses the precision of the audio to create a synthetic and organic sound chemistry, a contradiction in form but ultimately one we are moving towards.
Jane Radion Newton – Humanity and its Social structure is fastly becoming a Ballardian scenario, with the growth of myspace,facebook we are literally losing the touch of one another, will we begin to hate the smell of another human being I wonder. The instinctual and non-verbal communication that passes between us unconsciously will be lost, eye contact, soul contact. The very meaning of our vocabulary is being undermined and subverted to have empty meaning, the word “friend” now becoming a description of an anonymous profile stranger,” in the beginning was the word”. There has to be an inner consciousness evolution before humanity can use any technological advancement with true spiritual and emotional intelligence, if this change does not occur we are only enabling a crippled sleep-walking psyche to do and cause more damage to itself than any possible good.

5.CAM: What prompt you to return after such a long hiatus?
JANE RADION NEWTON The Desire to try to create something new, something which is challenging, it is the experiment that is interesting, the process of andragogy that gives us a sense of discovery. If we are not being stretched or challenged or live by our proclamations, our intent, then we remain the same, static. We wanted to explore beyond ourselves, and by going beyond the limitations we set ourselves to develop and expand our possibilities and enlarge our arena of knowledge and by this process evolve further. We were never “away” but experiencing another more essential part of creativity and inner growth that is not a part of a “production line” release system, is this how creativity is judged ?. We both practice with occult,Magickal systems and these are organic,psychological,emotional processes that involve many paths, they are part of being, living and of a Becoming. DVA/TAGC is a vehicle in which we create and express those ideas, discoveries and belief, it is part of a larger ALL a Magickal description of a cosmic unity and consciousness, and it is of this becoming which we express through our research, practice and exploration of these realms. TAGC/DVA being sound and visual mediums but again we also employ other more private Magickal processes which are not of the “stage” and of ego therefore not being merely musicians only involved in the values of music/album production our work being more integral to our inner and outer life we cannot be judged from this shallow, limited “album Sell” mind set, we set ourselves apart from this and hope that those with greater understanding of higher values know that work which contains depth and quality does not emerge from constant album releases.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 7:

CAM: What philosophies or ideals do you believe in and does it come across in your music?

The idea of True will as expounded by Crowley and in many ways De Sade as they both where concerned by mans true nature in that the will is central and that we should follow our desires, our dreams our inner psyche, but this is not a simple act and involves the uncovering and discovery of the true self which is a raw and difficult path. Other great thinkers have come to similar ideas and referred to this journey in different ways, as self motivation, or positive psychology. What we are, what is born within us, the masses, the majority never awake being sleepwalkers of life and their actions as P.D.Ouspensky and G.I. Gurdgieff explored. So To try and encapsulate all our beliefs here would be impossible within the context of a simple answer but we do expound our believes with more descriptive quality within our work and we can not say there is one single philosophical theory or ideal as there are many thinkers and magus who have expounded great truths as previously mentioned and quoted such as Francois Rabelaise, Marcel Duchamp Albert Camus ,Fredrick Nietzsche,Alister Crowley, De Sade ,Antonin Artaud,George Bataille, to name but a very few.
Jane Radion Newton. – You could say that one mouth is not enough to speak of all worlds.
Adi Newton – Ahhh Jane’s philosophical intelligence.
“Great is the mind which rejoices in the greatness of other minds. Max Heindel's tribute to the memory and work of Blavatsky and her Masters is a truly beautiful gesture in a world little given, alas, to such gentle impulses.”~ Manly P. Hall.

JANE RADION NEWTON – We practice Magikal systems,techniques be they ritual, sigil or psychological and emotional,utilizing the work of Austin Osman Spare, Crowley, Wilhelm Reich,Gurdjieff and P.D Ouspensky to aid and expand consciousness, becoming more receptive to other sub-atomic realms within and without “ as above so below”. A state of BECOMING.
All our work, research and philosophy ultimately lead’s back to the self, enabling inner growth and cosmic awareness. I am extremely wary and watchful when meeting other artists within this field who I see use The Great Work as an aesthetic, a vehicle to promote only themselves outwardly and appeal to a particular buying audience, alchemically speaking “all that glitters” is not the gold. The only evidence of true intent and “success”! within this field is to look for the depth of nature, personality and spiritual awareness of the particular artist(s) behind the work promoted under the banner of Magick and the many various, labels and paths that lead from it. Is the work, imagery or extensive occult terminology used a “cd cover philosophy” a true extension of that artists inner being?, is the work = working for them on deep integral levels as it should be, this is the true evidence of creative, inner integrity, one should always be looking for what an artist IS not what they promote and try to sell through image and association. There are many “Wizards of Oz” hiding behind drapes of pretence.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 8:

CAM: We know your in the studio right now creating new material what studio are you recording out of?
Since Buried Dreams, we rarely work in what can be termed a commercial Studio as we prefer to work with a system tailored to ourselves, an open environment that allows time to explore production and experimentation ,but we are not opposed to using other studios if needs determine an advantage in doing so. We have our own recording facility with equipment and technologies built up over many years ,we are employing devices that originate at the onset of DVA namely E.M.S Electronic Music Systems famous for the AKS and Synthi A Synthesizers , we think it speaks volumes that a 30 year old Synthesizer system can still be used to create original sounds E.M.S created very advanced equipment it was always very Scientific and designed for experimental use not something you switch on and away you go with pre factory samples and sounds with E.M.S you have to build each sound a new tailored for more personal sound expression .We also have VRT Systems and DAW,so we utilize a full range of technology analogue and digital as we see no advantage in limiting our possible palette.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 9:

CAM: Who is engineering the new material?
Adi Newton.- We engineer all our own productions, together, but we may consider using other collaborations at some stage in the future to experiment with certain material or arrangements depending on what is required. Jane has an innate talent for music production and video, I am constantly amazed by her.

CAM: Is there a working title for the new CD?
Jane Radion Newton.- We don’t currently wish to promote any of our ideas with regards to new material. Once it is released then we will be happy to speak about it, Adi has made tremendous mistake in his past by openly discussing with former colleagues and ex associates his ideas then seeing those ideas emerge claimed as an artists own without credit to the true source and in a version that is frankly not what he had envisioned but a bad interpretation. It is an unfortunate state we operate in but ideas are collateral and there’s a lot of people in music and art that have no ideas of depth and so act as parasitical vampires, they feed from others work in order to evolve there own ambitions. We have encountered many of this kind during our time and also the fragile personalities that peruse collaboration but do not achieve it and then turn resentful. There are two Nietzsche quotes that for any one working within our field or any other for that matter with all the pit falls that will happen on its course, Nietzsche’s words are a warning of great power and of foreboding, please those with integrity and the naivety of just beginning, take note.
“It is the weak that are the most dangerous”
“There is only true friendship amongst equals”
Both have meaning referring to the state and potential dangers of an individual’s psychological nature and abilities.

CAM : Who did the cover art for Buried Dreams, Thirst, Man-Amplified, and Advantage?
Adi Newton.- I began as a painter starting at School, my interest in art specifically painting has never left me, and throughout these years I’ve always been creating work either Painting, Drawing, etc. I have recently returned with added passion to painting drawing on ideas I’ve been formulating for many years that have kept with me. I have always seen the Artwork as an essential element in the whole concept of creating an album not as a separate element not to be attached adhoc afterwards, so I’ve always devised, created and sourced the visualization of each album to create an overall theme and feel so that the visual presence were an equal extension of the audio which connected conceptually with the ideas / philosophies that are integral to the work as a whole.
Again I have always directed the creative visuals whether theses were the Art work / Sleeves /Films / videos or through live performance. The exceptions are with Graphic designer Neville Brody who designed the sleeves for THIRST and 4 HOURS and all of the FETISH LABEL releases. I worked with Peter Barrett on ADVANTAGE but it was under my supervision so it was essentially my ideas / images and directions. BURIED DREAMS and MAN AMPLIFIED again where also my conceptual ideas and based on the images I alone researched and sourced. The technical aspects of the design layout were by Eddie Gill. Jane now mostly works on our design; layout and art direction as her tastes, eye and understanding for our work is exceptional, personal and has meaning more than being a transient member just following a lead or direction. I trust and respect her implicitly.
"Art is not about itself but the attention we bring to it."

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 10:

CAM: With the current industrial scene do you see a return to the old school methods or has industrial mutated into a completely different animal?

Jane Radion Newton. - We don’t involve ourselves with any musical “scene” and don’t consider DVA/TAGC to be Industrial or whatever tag is currently applied. Clock DVA /TAGC are unique and individual creative projects that go beyond categorization.

CAM: Did you ever perform live under the moniker of Clock DVA and if so what were the shows like?

ADI NEWTON.- YES too many to list here, over the years DVA has performed extensively throughout Europe and a number of performances in the US. We were one of the first of the so called “New Wave” to use visuals live and have maintained and developed this through out my work ,I always believed as in the artwork that the visuals employed in live performance were integral to the audio, the same way as sound effects and music integral to Film an art that has inspired me throughout is this marriage and symbiosis of sound and vision, one needs only to look and listen to the work and philosophical ideas of Tarkovsky,Lynch,Kubrick,to understand and appreciate the importance of this relationship between the marriage of the visual and the audio.
JANE RADION NEWTON.- I will not compromise live between the visual and audio presentation, both mediums are art forms that we work upon to feed into and support the presentation of our ideas with equal depth and power, we wish to present our work live as a total auditory/visual experience. Any musical Organizers please take note of this.

CAM: Have you personally notice a larger fan base with the return of Clock DVA?

Jane Radion Newton.- We can’t say that we are looking at this aspect too closely; it is not our intention to merely increase a buying fan base as many others strive to do. There is a vast amount of our incoming mail/friends requests on myspace, it is substantial and many are young, new bands/individuals saying that they have discovered Adi’s past work and our new work (videos etc) so yes there is certainly indication of a new growing interest in DVA / TAGC but off course we have the ardent fans too. The mail we receive can be overwhelming at times being only two of us; we have still yet to launch the extensive ClockDVA/TAGC web site, many more grey hairs to come mainly for me being the multi-tasker in this outfit.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 11:

CAM: How did you come to be signed by the infamous label Wax Trax back in the day?

Adi Newton.- This was due to one of the original founders of Wax Trax Jim Nash Interest in DVA. At the time we were then signed to the Berlin Based Label Interfisch. Dimitri Hegermann the Founder of Interfisch visited Chicago and while there organized a deal with Wax Trax to release some of the DVA material. That’s basically what happened.

17.CAM: Was there an over all message you were trying to covey through your music?

Jane Radion Newton.- “Was”! - IS would be a more appropriate beginning to your question as DVA/TAGC is on going.
“The medium is the message” We can only express personal meaning and creative direction within our work without the need or want to portray a message, we seek those who instinctually connect with our ideas and work, the message being already within themselves so to speak and our work hopefully adds and expands to that inner understanding and thirst for a particular knowledge. Ultimately we create to explore our own desires, ideas, creative drive and expression, as Austin Osman Spare said “we walk towards ourselves”.
To create only to “Appeal” on a entertainment level is far from our intention, this leads to music being an empty product, the sphere of “ easy listening “ or “empty listening” no matter what genre or experimental label this kind of music/artist masquerades under, an act not an extension of a truthful belief. Yes we have a belief contained in our work but again this is our own personal path which we develop throughout our life and Magickal practice. I believe on listening to our work those who connect with it instinctually and knowledgably understand the messages woven within it.
Adi Newton. – I think Jane expressed it well in her answer; the message is fundamentally woven in our work and is best expressed and portrayed through the listening and viewing of it, the whole experience.
Jane Radion Newton.– Why would an artist create through visual/sound mediums if believing an adequate expression and meaning could be easily conveyed alone through words? There is an unconscious communication that can only be drawn upon through art, it is from this unconscious sub –atomic realm that we try to source and express our ideas and meaning from and to others.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 12:

18.CAM: How would describe your music to a first time listener?
Adi Newton- This is a difficult and impossible it would really depend on the particular album, How can one summaries or describe music in words, the best kind of descriptions are often poetic or prose so we feel this is a rather hard one to answer and with the huge amount of responses I have received over the many years of how my work has been interpreted and felt by individual listeners is vast and varied, each having very personal interpretation and descriptions of how my work has effected them when listening.
JANE RADION NEWTON - Perhaps it is best to actually ask this question to the listener, after the listening.

19.CAM: Were there specific topics you dealt with in concern with certain CDs or did the topics vary?
ADI NEWTON - I covered this question in Q 4 as explained each album has a different theme / idea and this was explored within each album, I would not call them concept albums as this has too many “progressive” connotations but there is certainly a continuity of ideas and imagery within each separate album.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 13:

CAM: How will the new material differ from the previous releases?

Jane Radion Newton. There is no deliberate intention to “differ”. Adi was the “soul” constant and instigator of all the creative ideas and the integrity of DVA/TAGC through out all of its many changes regardless of the different musicians who have been employed along the way. DVA I would say has under gone a metamorphosis back in some senses to its core beginnings as an intuitive and Magickly connected duo with a more empathic & equal symbiotic creative balance and nature than it has ever been since the tragic death of Jud.
ADI NEWTON…Yes Jane is correct ,further more if one compares for example an Album such as THIRST with BURIED DREAMS then superficially there is a vast difference between the two but theirs is a constant integral theme of an on going constant personal creative expression behind them.
JANE RADION NEWTON. Is growth, change and mutation a “differ” when it is a continuation of ones own creative self? Can one again “differ” from ones own path? No it is an essential process which is all encompassing and connected.

Anonymous said...

New CLOCK DVA interview part 14:

22.CAM: What equipment was used in the making of the Clock DVA sound?
Adi Newton. - This being a purely technical question making it difficult to answer accurately as there have been so many albums / studios / and musicians over the many periods. In one sense I think it’s not the equipment per say but how one uses or utilizes the technology or sound whether this is the technique of the Instrumentalist or how the instruments are arranged and produced. I would also say that there are certain technologies that can effect the sound such as the advent of Digital Computer systems and albums such as Buried Dreams / Man-Amplified / Digital Soundtracks for these I must express that the Technology’s of Apple Mac / Emulator / Sound Designer / Performer where central to there creation. But again we would reinforce it’s the IDEAS the creative originality that is the source of the resultant sound.
Jane Radion Newton. - I believe the creation of sound and music is an instinctual and individual creative exploration (an art) that one can only and should be discovered for oneself. If your desire is to communicate a feeling, idea or atmosphere of individual artistry and nature then to copy or ask another’s technique negates this exploration and homogenizes. Personal artistry must find and use its own voice from which to speak, technically or otherwise. I despair to hear music being made more and more through a “painted by numbers” process not driven by a belief or passion. Programmable fabrications of “gearhead” techniques devoid of any true depth or individuality. The
joy and artistry should come from personal experimentation and discovery, that journey should be your own.
23.CAM: Any final words you wish to impart on us?
JANE RADION NEWTON - It has been a pleasure.
ADI NEWTON - I appreciate greatly all those who have stood behind and supported myself and my work over the many years and those who have and can decipher the difference between the integral and the invented, I apologize knowing that some of my statements here can come across as egocentric when having to state contribution facts and details but I would be completely silent if there had not been Ex members who’s truly despicable acts have tried to reinvent and distort my own group history and inflate their true contributions and status within DVA/ TAGC. Their total and utter lies and acts have forced me into an uncomfortable position to readdress these ex-members inventions that have deliberately tried to sabotage and exploit my own work and life history.
“Art is an outlet toward regions which are not ruled by time and space”.- Marcel Duchamp.

Simon Blackadder said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for posting the entirety of that interview. A wee bit of an egotist, that Adi is, isn't he!

Anonymous said...

@ Simon Blackadder
Adi is indeed an unfortunate example of extreme egotism and his years of study seem to have done little to help him overcome this.

In actual fact the entire interview is much longer than this.

The interview had the makings of an interesting article and presented an opportunity to rekindle interest. It is unfortunate that Adi could not exercise some self-control, reign back his overblown ego and resist the temptation to use this as yet another vehicle to make further attacks upon ex members.

The constant belittling of others contributions and hate mongering does nothing for me. I am not sure what the Newton’s expect to get out of it.

What exactly have ex members done to deserve such vilification?

When I read the word “despicable” I expect it to refer to something that is completely reprehensible. IMHO the Buried Dreams release and Psychoegoautocratical Auditory Physiogomy Delineated release are no more despicable than Adi’s release of the Collective or his previous attempts at releasing the back catalogue.

When ex members are accused of other specific “despicable” acts the accusations are totally bizarre.

For example the myspace blogs that scream about an ex member copying Clock DVA because of their inclusion of Ouspensky and Gurdjieff amongst myspace friends. This must be in the top ten of the most ridiculous and also most disappointing things I have ever read.

They make such a HUGE deal of this: writing no less than 3 blogs and perhaps a 4th - in which they hurl personal abuse at the individual. It makes me think that the other despicable acts are of a similar unsubstantial nature.

What well-balanced adult deliberately sets out on a public hate campaign against those whose co-operation he admits he requires?

I only hope that this hate campaign fails & also that the ex members do not let it affect their work or any decisions they make regarding the release of the back catalogue.

I await the day when the Newton’s claim that all these imbecilic blogs, messages and accusations were not made by themselves but were in fact part of a conspiracy by envious ex members seeking to ruin their reputations & sabotage their work.

Anonymous said...

I particularly found his so called public apology ....... quite sickening.

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to understand that he (Adi) does not realise how important the other members of DVA/TAGC have been and still are. To celebrate and appreciate that he has been able to work with such talented people. Each piece of art whether it music or visual has been a callaboration and not something that he has created himself. His ego has all but consumed him.
From Butterfly x

Anonymous said...

And the latest TAGC material would indicate ego is pretty much all he has left.

The Fissure

Doesn't appear to be much ability to make creative or artistic judgements.

" Jane has an innate talent for music production and video, I am constantly amazed by her. "

I too am amazed. But for all the wrong reasons.

MadHatter said...

The so far latest official T.A.G.C. releases that Adi made alone in the mid 90s were excellent, I mean the Iso Erotic Calibrations album and the tracks on the Deepnet compilation album.

I don't know what to make of youtube excerpts, I'd rather see an official release of some sort to really judge the quality of their current work.

If it's ever going to happen, that is. It's 2010 already...........!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems likely that it will take a while longer - if it ever happens. It's been a long time since they announced these new records, but after that - nothing but silence...

Anonymous said...

Seems unlikely the back catalogue will ever be released now that EMI are in even more financial trouble :(

Anonymous said...


Adi didn't do Iso Erotic Calibrations alone. Robert Baker helped out on the title track and Maurizio Fasolo from the band Pankow helped out on all the other tracks on that release.

I'm looking forward to any new releases from Adi, he's an interesting guy with some original ideas. I just wish he would hurry up!

Anonymous said...

Adi didn't do Iso Erotic Calibrations alone.

Where did you get your information?

Because according to Adi the only contributors were himself & his wife.

Anonymous said...

Maurizio Fasolo did do some engineering, digital editing, mastering etc for CLOCK DVA. If you check the liner notes of CLOCK DVA and TAGC releases you will sometimes see his name mentioned. I guess he was involved when Adi was living in Italy, which is where PANKOW was from.

Robert E baker said...
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Robert E baker said...
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Robert E baker said...
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Robert E baker said...
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Robert E baker said...

If anyone wishes to know my actual response to any of the above........you now know where to contact me. The internetz is powerful, so use carefully! ;-)

Robert E baker said...

Everyone has made mistake's in their live's!!!??? If not then go pray with the undead!

Anyone seen thebeauty of Rosemarie's Baby'(s) then contact me soon ;-).

Robert E baker said...
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thrrobb said...


i. Shadowrangler Robert E Baker has just had some new windows put in his Sheffield flat.

ii Shadowrangler Robert E Baker's old windows recently appeared on ebay.

iii Shadowrangler Robert E Baker plays pianola in a travelling band of Aleksandr Sokurov-inspired Russian window-fitters.

iv Rod Modell of Detroit's Echospace Records not only takes the name of one of his many dubbed-out side projects (Global Systems Silently Moving) from the lyrics to Clock DVA's "The Hacker", he was also the first to bid on Shadwrangler Robert E Baker's old windows on ebay recently. He was also the last to bid and is currently constructing a studio-come-greenhouse for the further cultivation of the dub virus.

v Shadowrangler Robert E Baker is in negotiations to lend his name to a range of functional but fashionable underwear very much in the way that Throbbing Gristle did following the sudden departure of Genesis Breyer P Orridge and the initiation of the X-TG project: http://www.xtg.es/en/?seccion=tienda_virtual&tipo=5&coleccion=14

vi Shadowrangler Robert E Baker also has a little biscuit tin that he keeps your panties in.

vii Shadowrangler Robert E Baker has no reason to believe that his erstwhile associate Adi Neutron, or Mr Neutron's erstwhile associate Jane Radiation, are anything less than a hundred per cent happy with their own windows.


Robert E baker said...

If not then I do work within the civil legal system and can help anyone who's windows or 'glazzies' were less than 'clear' and not polaroid.

Anonymous said...

So the moral of this story is......................dont let anyone take over your public voice and ruin what you and others took years to build, for they could be a malevolent force sent to seduce you into giving them undeserved exposure (what exactly did Mrs.Newton contribute apart from a lot of unnecessary trouble?). Also dont go signing things in your own name when claiming a project to be 'nameless' and 'free of ego' as it kind of negates the whole thing.If there are questions about who contributed what then surely only the parts which Adi contributed should appear, minus all the input from other musicians and artists, then see how it sounds. I can imagine Adi put most of the conceptual stuff there but why not just stay a painter or become a writer?In all my years as a music writer I have never come across such a bizzare and messed up scenario, not even with psychic TV ( where I believe there is now a page dedicated to exposing GPO). Seems to me the ex-members are wisely keeping their cards close to their chests on this one as far too much of the mystique surrounding dva has been stripped away. I hear that Adi is no longer with Mrs.Jane Newton and we can now hoipe that things will start moving in a positive direction without the interference from someone who was trying to hitch a ride. Good luck to you all.

Anonymous said...

I only know the Newtons through various meetings but I have to add that Adi and especially Jane are being very misrepresented on here.They are I know still very close even after Jane left and her contributions were valid on many levels,the mind is a silent worker and not always about being "on stage" she never from what I saw and know "followed" Adi Newton ideas or concepts on the contrary.The "trouble causing" was there long before she came on the scene,to try and blame her is passing-the-buck for others to hide behind and not take responsibility. This is a nasty blog section to create.

Anonymous said...

Robert E Baker is truly a waste of space, he proclaims a lot of things that just aren't true, he has always had many delusions of grandeur which sadly fell flat on its ass, he is never the less one of lives tryers, trouble is... he never gets it right.... must be the heroin that he adores...!

Anonymous said...

I came across this article, and though i realize it is now about 6 years after, I would just like to say that I too also received the same message during the myspace days. I followed numerous musical artists I liked and since I had both p. browse and d. dennis on my friends list, i received a combative message from the Clock DVA myspace page about how I was being defriended for having any communication with them. The immaturity and ridiculousness of the situation blew my mind at the time, but it then continued later on. Just last year, 2014, I was a member of a DVA fan group on facebook where, for a time, Dennis, Browse, and others connected with the Sheffield scene began sharing old photos and reminiscing about the times in a very pleasant, nice, and happy manner. It was great to see unfold. Then, suddenly, all these people were banned from the group and the group then simply shut down completely. It was eventually learned that newton (or someone associated with him) had been sending threatening messages to the group admin to basically ban everyone he wanted banned (even though it wasnt his group) or just shut down the group altogether. that people would behave the way newton and his followers/cohorts do in this day and age *at* their age is amazing. sad beyond words.

brian webster said...
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brian webster said...

To Anon, 2 comments up .
Having been in a very close relationship with Robert for the past two years I consider myself to know him better than anyone.
I came across this post whilst googling robs name and was quite put back at some of the negativity here, ( esp the comment 2 above.) and I didn't relate to any of it as the rob I know.
So,based on this, I would like to clarify and put my personal views on your bitterly skewed observations.I say bitter because they bear no relation to the man I know and deeply love nor are they related to matters being discussed in this thread. They appear to be no more than shady, underhand personal attacks with no citation or points of reference. A jilted ex perhaps? Someone who is so bitter they would steal Roberts phone, smash it up and send ( once again, anonymously) pictures of it smashed to robs place of work with a note calling him " a diseased old has been". Whilst I can confirm that he is getting on and has been quite ill from a chronic illness, don't you have to have been something to become a has been..
If only the same creativity was exercised in other areas of your life?

The only "waste of space" here is the one in your mind which holds such deep resentment, I hope your venting here has helped relieve some of that deep seated pain and poison.
Over the years Robert has had many "delusions of grandeur" , some he is glad fell flat on "its" ass, others he is still perusing.After all, what's life if we don't have dreams? Something lacking these days.

Having shared virtually every moment with him for the past years I can safely say that Robert really doesn't have to,or have any desire to "try" for anything, Be it creatively,personal relationships or friends. He always reminds me that forcing anything is pointless, that's why being around him is always easy and always fun. If you really knew him then you would know he doesn't take himself seriously as you imply ( maybe that's why in your narrow vision you see him as failing.) he always says that there is no such thing as " getting it right" ,in all areas of life and is suspicious of people who claim " ambitions", career artists.
How dull and frustrating it must be for.someone who seeks perfection and feels shame in not "getting it right". I doubt there would be any artists at all if the initial premise was "getting it right", no room for error or the gifts that chance bestows. I have seen Robert at work alone and with other artists enough times to see how important this concept is. If he sees himself as anything at all it is as an "algorithmic engineer for chance events", the art of error. Which he practices both privately and publicly to date.
He certainly knows how to put the "IF" in both life and "live" �� despite suffering from a chronic health condition.
if you truly knew him you would know he has never made a secret of his heroin use, nor how good it is at taking away pain,back in the day all his friends were experimenting with all kinds of chemicals and his only regret on that is that he lost people he loved to them.

With regards to Clockdva/Tagc I have only heard rob remember those days with fondness and a sense of pride. I know there has been some really negative things crop up from what he says was down to "misunderstandings/misinformation, nasty trolling and inaccurate assumptions."
Despite this, as with most things in his life, he holds no bitterness, has no regrets and nothing to hide.Failure, like so many things in life is subjective so best get on with it , clinging to the past is pointless.tick tock.

Robert has only ever been a positive influence in my life, he is caring, sharing, funny and a bloody good friend to have.

In fact, I actually just showed him your comments, he smiled and said " They're right though aren't they.?". That's the Robert I know and love.